COVID-19 Immunity – A Dream Or A Reality?

immunity COVID-19

The novel coronavirus pandemics spread to almost every country in the world. Furthermore, COVID-19 affects globalization and highlights the need for new-improved reforms for a better future. The human body has an immune system. Its immunity is the defense system of the body.

Antibodies are an essential part of immunity. They are specific in their actions. Furthermore, antibodies remain for some duration in the blood even after inactivating antigens. The period of antibodies-stay varies from one type of antigen to another. 


Scientists discovered a new strain of coronaviruses when the SARS-COV2 infection spreads across the world. SARS-COV2 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by COVID-19, which is a modified new strain of coronaviruses. 

The coronavirus spreads through the air. When infected-patients cough or sneeze, droplets fall out of their mouth. These droplets contain coronavirus. Furthermore, these droplets act as a transmission medium. The surface where these droplets land becomes contaminated. 

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Thus, for your safety, you need to follow precautionary measures. You must wear a face mask every time, except when you are alone. Moreover, sanitize your hands and surroundings frequently. Furthermore, avoid public places and gatherings. 

Apart from precautionary measures, individuals must change their lifestyle and diet. A healthy lifestyle and diet boost the immune system. Furthermore, the boosted-immune system functions more adequately in fighting against pathogens. 

According to Wajnbeg and colleagues, the antibodies produced by the human immune system can provide immunity for years. Furthermore, these Covid-19-antibodies can protect from reinfection.

The General Immunity

Immunity is the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of the immune system. Furthermore, immunity plays a vital role in fighting against COVID-19. The human immune system functions with the help of white blood cells (WBC). WBCs are of various types. 

Furthermore, each type functions differently to attack or kill pathogens or make the pathogen inactive. Some WBC types make pathogens inactive, and later other forms of WBC eradicate both active and inactive-forms of pathogens.

A type of WBC is known as T-lymphocytes, which kills the pathogen. Another type is the B-lymphocytes, which have further sub-types. B-lymphocytes produce antibodies specifically for fighting specific antigens. 

Furthermore, the lymphocytes gather information about the pathogen and store it in their memory. Thus, our body immediately recognizes the virus upon the second invasion. The body takes action against it and produces antibodies. The antibodies fight the pathogen and remain in the blood for a specific duration. 

COVID-19 And The Elusive Immunity

A new study indicates that COVID-19 antibodies remain inside the infected patient for more than five months after recovery. According to a recent report, 90% of coronavirus recovered people have a stable overall antibody response. 

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Florian Krammer leads the study. Florian is a professor of vaccinology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. According to Florian Krammer, the existence of antibodies for more than five months is essential to develop effective vaccines.

The team looked at the antibody-response of more than 30000 Covid-19 positive people. They divide antibody response into three categories: low, moderate, and high. Furthermore, they monitored 121 recovered-patients. They donated their plasma first after three months and then five months after the first appearance of the symptoms.

According to the team, some recovered-patients did show a decreased antibody response, but 90% of recovered patients were able to maintain a stable antibody response. Furthermore, Mount Sinai Hospital helps in conducting the study. 

The Journal of Science published the study’s findings. However, further research is required to support the research findings. Moreover, to confirm the duration for which immunity lasts against Covid-19.

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