Why Do Americans Hesitate Wearing a Mask?

Why Do Americans Hesitate Wearing a Mask?
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According to a CDC survey which had more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, young people were the least likely to follow the social distancing and social protection protocols. They don’t even wear a mask, let alone follow distancing suggestions. This helps explain the surge in infection rate among this age group.

Younger people are less likely to suffer the most serious complications of COVID-19. Nevertheless, the asymptomatic ones can spread the infection to older people. The older people, however, are not so fortunate, and survival rate is lower among the old people as compared to the young.

The Benefits of Wearing A Mask

Wearing a mask can do wonders, if you can’t inhale what the other person exhales, both of you are safe. The authorities are urging the masses to wear a mask and keep the society safe since march. But, a large percentage of the population still considers wearing a mask as a waste of time. Some consider it totally unnecessary and part of some conspiracy.

People across the US, have shown erratic behaviors when it comes to wearing masks. Some have adhered to the practice religiously. While others have outright rebuked the idea of it.

Physical Violence

One such case of Chicago sisters has been particularly alarming. They are accused of stabbing a shoe-store security guard 27-times. The stabbing came as a result of a request by the guard to wear a mask.

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The police report that the sisters were subsequently charged with first-degree attempted murder. The guard asked the women to wear a mask before entering and directed them towards the store-provided hand sanitizer.

Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, started off with a verbal altercation with the guard. The guard stressed that they had wear a mask. Allegedly, the incident got physical when one of the sisters pulled out a knife. She stabbed the guard multiple times in the back, neck, and arms.

Mount Sinai Hospital is tending to the 32-year old guard who is in a critical condition. According to the Police, the sisters only got minor injuries and have been booked at Cook County jail.

Judge Mary Marubio charged the sisters with first-degree attempted murder and ordered that hey be held without a bond. Judge Mary serves on the Circuit Court of Cook County.

The defense lawyer argued that they were acting in self-defense and have bipolar disorder. The defense attorney asserted that both the sisters did not have a criminal record, nor did they intend to commit a crime. However, the defense could not satisfy the judge, who said that the “sheer number” of stab wounds requires investigation.

Masks Leading to Violence?

While the stabbing alone is worrying enough, it is not a standalone act. There have been numerous counts of violent behavior all across the US. Most of these issues were because of the same reason. The assailant was asked to wear a mask, they deny the request and exhibit violent behavior.

Last month, an 80-year-old man near Buffalo, New York, breathed his last because of a head injury. He asked a man to wear a mask. He was later pinned to the ground with excessive force. This caused blunt force trauma to the head.

A similar situation arose in May, two men physically assaulted a security guard at his request to wear a mask at a Target in Los Angeles. They refused to wear a mask and broke the guard’s arm.

The alarming thing is that the situation is getting worse with every passing day. People are becoming more and more aggressive and as the lockdown is easing more people are shunning the state advised protocols.

Violence Running Rampant

Another such incident at Mission, Kansas, saw an individual pull out a gun on an ex-marine. Bob Palmgren told a customer to wear a mask inside his restaurant. The assailant, a man in his forties, pulled out a gun and threatened Bob. He said he was exempt from the state-wide mask requirement.

The situation could have gotten worse had Mr. Palmgren been an innocent citizen. He is an Ex-Marine and stayed calm with the gun in his face. He kept his composure and continued the conversation. Bob told the customer that coronavirus will not care if you have a gun or not and then told the customer to leave his premises.

Not everyone is as calm as Bob Palmgren. Most people don’t know what to do when they face such behavior. Michigan pizzeria waiters told a customer to wear a mask. She was extremely rude and made an obscene gesture. Afterwards, she kicked people around in the restaurant, and fled the scene before anyone could act.

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An LA grocery store saw gunfire over the same issue. People think taking a life is easier than wearing a mask. A rapper named Jerry Lewis lost this life in the exchange.

Making Masks a Political Issue

Some instances have made wearing a mask a political issue. At a supermarket, Publix in Vero Beach, Florida, a customer by the name of Mrs. Wiles rode a motorised cart in the produce department without a mask. The workers were afraid of the spread of the virus. The workers told her to leave the place and join a ‘Trump rally’. The President has been extremely careless with masks and protection.

Mrs. Wiles, already a Trump supporter, says that she does not wear a mask because the COVID-19 concerns are exaggerated according to her. She admits there is a virus, but she says people also die of flu each year. She says it is not what they say it is, and she will not fall for it.

Another Kansas resident thinks that the masks are not effective, and nothing can protect you against the virus. On the other hand there are some who brand the masks as an example of “government over-reach”. People say that there are people in power who want to see what people will submit to.

Taking Responsibility

Although the majority of violence cases pertain to women, men are less likely to wear a face covering, they consider themselves as stronger than women when it comes to immune response. The irony is that statistics show that men are more seriously affected than women.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise again, as the lockdown eases people are avoiding the state recommended protocols. However, people need to take responsibility if we are to survive the second wave of the COVID-19 that has already claimed more than a million lives.

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