Children Are Being Used As ‘Guinea Pigs’ For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials, Says Critics

COVID-19 vaccine for Children

To find the cure for COVID-19 infection is the goal of most of the major research institutes and pharmaceutical industries. Possible treatment strategies include vaccines, antibody therapy, plasma therapy, and medicines. Furthermore, more research is essential to confirm the safety and effectiveness of these treatments.  The research institutions and pharmaceutical industries are carrying out clinical trials. Recently, a 12-year-old boy received his first injection for the clinical trial.

Children As Subjects For COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer is one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, the company is in the business of discovering innovative solutions to the health challenges of our times. Moreover, the company aims to work together for a healthier world. Pfizer is enrolling children for COVID-19 vaccine trials.

Abhinav is an Ohio seventh-grader. When he came to know that coronavirus vaccine trials near his hometown were enrolling children, he also volunteers for it. Furthermore, at first, he was nervous about the blood draws. Nonetheless, he decided to enlist in the clinical trials.

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Abhinav believes that through volunteering for clinical-trials, he can help scientists and the world to know more about the coronavirus. However, his family asked that their last name must remain confidential to protect their privacy.

The Opinion Of Sharat On His Son’s Volunteering

Sharat is a bone marrow transplant physician. He also was a volunteer for the COVID-19 vaccine. He experiences no side effects of the vaccine apart from a fever that lasts for a day or two. Thus, he encourages his son Abhinav to volunteer as well. Furthermore, Abhinav received his first injection at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center last Thursday.

Sharat was happy about the fact that his son volunteers for the trial. Furthermore, Sharat was comfortable enrolling his son as no ill-effects have occurred regarding the use of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

Pfizer is the first in the U.S. to receive approval from the FDA to test the vaccine on a 12-year-old-children. Kids are participating and are happy to contribute to the research. Furthermore, they feel safe volunteering for the coronavirus-vaccine.

Opinion Of Researchers On the COVID-19 Vaccine

Scientists and researchers consider the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine safe for use. The youngest trial volunteers have confidence in the vaccines, which are under progress. However, adults have concerns about the use of vaccines going through trial procedures.

Pfizer vaccine trials involve getting two shots, three weeks apart. Furthermore, the health of these volunteers is monitored for two years by researchers. However, participants currently do not know whether they are receiving a placebo injection or an actual coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Robert Frenck is the director of the Gamble Vaccine Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s. Furthermore, he leads site research for the Pfizer trial. According to Frenck, Pfizer is not overlooking any issues. Moreover, the coronavirus vaccine of Pfizer has had no side-effects till now.

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What Is The Point Of Testing Vaccines On Children If They Are Least Likely To Get Ill?

Children are the least likely to get ill due to COVID-19. Furthermore, people are enabled to understand the reason behind enrolling children as young as 12-year-old. Bianca De La Cruz works with elementary school students in NYC and has a 13-year-old-daughter. According to her, Pfizer is using children as lab-experimental animals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also considers the participation of children in vaccine trials a critical move. According to critics, we still have no sufficient knowledge about the coronavirus. Furthermore, no evidence is available on the transmission of the virus through children.

Dr. Stephen Hahn urged pharmaceutical companies to enroll children in trials as more than 587000 cases of coronavirus in children occur. Furthermore, Pfizer receives permission after providing enough safety and efficacy data.


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