COVID-19 – Mitigation Measures For Bars In Chicago

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COVID-19 cases are on the rise as a second wave arises in various countries. Furthermore, the impact of COVID-19 on every individual disturbs their health and day to day life. After lifting the curfew and lockdown, people followed precautionary measures seriously. However, not everyone is following the COVID-19 safety measure. Thus, coronavirus infection is spreading quickly from person to person. 

COVID-19 limits the social life of an individual. Moreover, apart from social networking sites, people have no means of connecting. Furthermore, festivals, traditional gatherings, and parties are no longer allowed due to safety issues relating to coronavirus spread. 

Governments are taking steps to control the spread of the second wave of coronavirus infection. Moreover, the second wave of coronavirus has the potential to yield drastic outcomes. That is because the winter is approaching, which causes weather changes, and people become more susceptible to diseases. Governments must work efficiently to prevent the virus spread from harming the population at a higher level.

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Social Life

The novel coronavirus puts an end to social life and tourism. People must remain inside their homes and avoid unnecessarily going out. However, they can connect with their loved ones through video or audio chats. 

The nightclub and bar life of an individual no longer exists in 2020. The bar has multiple fun activities for the customers. A game room in bars provides space to play bocce court, billiards, foosball, darts, bowling, and board games. Furthermore, bars provide excellent cocktails and bar food for their customers. 

Moreover, customers can play pinball, pool activities, air hockey, bubble hockey, and shuffleboard. Furthermore, the bar provides customers a completely different atmosphere to relax, have fun, and enjoy every minute of life to its fullest. 

However, due to COVID-19 pandemics, all night clubs and bars were closed during lockdowns. Even after the uplifting of the curfews, the government imposed multiple restrictions on restaurants, bars, and other public sites. 

More Restrictions Related To COVID-19 In Chicago

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health have announced an increase in COVID-19 cases in Region 11. Furthermore, Region 11 is the second of the state’s 11 regions that shows an increase in the number of coronavirus-hospitalized patients.

As per the announcement, the number of cases reported this week is twice the number reported previously at the beginning of October. According to Gov. Pritzker, starting Friday, due to the rise in coronavirus cases, the city will begin operating under additional restrictions.

Furthermore, people must follow precautionary measures strictly. Wearing a mask is compulsory for everyone. Moreover, indoor restaurants and bar services will close. The gathering cap limit will also restrain up to 25 people. 

IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said that implementing mitigation measures is the need of the hour. Furthermore, the increase in hospitalization of COVID-19 patients will soon result in a shortage of hospital beds availability. Moreover, the situation will become overwhelming for the health care system. 

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Mitigation Measures For Restaurants, Bars, And Social-Gatherings

According to mitigation measures, bars or restaurants will not provide any indoor services. Thus, customers cannot enjoy well themed indoor activities. Furthermore, all outdoor services will close at 11 p.m. All tables at bars or restaurants will be at a distance of 6 feet from each other. 

Furthermore, people do not have permission to stand while waiting for a table or exiting. No dancing or standing indoor activity is permissible. Moreover, a reservation beforehand must be made. 

Furthermore, multiple parties cannot sit at one table at a time as per the mitigation measures. Twenty-five guests can gather at a gathering. Moreover, for social-gatherings, club-owners or hosts can utilize only 25 percent of overall room capacity. 

Those who visit bars, casinos, and restaurants must wear masks, use sanitizer, maintain social distance, and follow other precautionary measures. Moreover, it is essential for the safety of the community and the individual.

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