NHS Partners with LumiraDx For Quick COVID-19 Test

NHS Partners with LumiraDx For Quick COVID-19 Tests 
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An expensive but quick test for COVID-19 is ready for mass production. The COVID-19 test is developed by LumiraDx and will reduce the result wait to just 12 minutes. It will take sample on a swab and run it through a small portable machine. The machine will analyse the sample from the nose and give out a result with a fair level of accuracy. 

Dealing With the Second Wave

The NHS is making maximum efforts to contain the second wave of the coronavirus. According to reports, the NHS will make the LumiraDx kit available across the country through Boots Pharmacy. 

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Boots, being the high street pharmacy in each city, will offer the best access to patients and customers alike. The kit is for everyone, those who have symptoms and for those who do not.

Europe is experiencing the spike again. As the test results take under twelve minutes, it is ideal for replacing the current 24-hour COVID-19 test. NHS has set out a pathway to control the spread of the disease.

Anyone with symptoms has to call the NHS and ask for a test. NHS will arrange the test, and the individual has to stay at home. Under some agreements, nasal swab COVID-19 test will cost £120 and will be available in selected stores.

The test kits are the best option for quick test results. These are particularly helpful in places where the future working would depend on the results of the test, like boarding a flight. 

The revolutionary technology has taken a lot of time to develop. But, the delay was worth it. It can easily identify cases with a fair bit of accuracy. NHS in Scotland is also contacting LumiraDx to provide supplies to of the kit to them.

Clinical trials have suggested that the kit can accurately identify cases, although, like any COVID-19 test, there are some false results. This means that the kit is not 100% reliable.

Initially, the Lumira tests will be available at 50 Boots stores in November. They’ll significantly increase the testing capacity. The machine works by analysing a nose swab sample on the spot, through a small, portable machine.

Room for COVID-19 Test Improvement

Isolation is the way forward for anyone who is a positive. Furthermore, this isolation is necessary to help in keeping everyone safe. NHS is striving hard these days. NHS is also testing a 90-minute test which might prove to be a cheaper solution.

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Prof. Paul Hunter, University of East Anglia said that while the test could give peace of mind at the time it was taken; there is no one right way of doing things. Where a positive is indicative of the virus presence, a negative test does not provide much information. 

There is no other entity, quick and comprehensive testing is necessary to contain the second wave of the virus while the world waits for an effective vaccine.

But figures released last week showed that about 15 % of people are currently receiving results within 24 hours through the official system in place in the UK.

NHS is not keeping all its eggs in one basket. The government is also critical of the COVID-19 test and highlights it as an ongoing experiment with a trace system included. 

Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, said the kits would prove beneficial for a quick diagnosis but feels that the build could be better.

The Prime Minister for England, Boris Johnson, previously increased the capacities and pledged that all tests would be processed within 24 hours.

COVID-19 symptoms don’t show for at least five days after exposure to the infection.

Moreover, some people develop symptoms within three days, others may take as much as a fortnight to become ill.

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