Pharmacies Refuses Flu Vaccine During COVID-19

flu vaccine and COVID-19

COVID-19 is on the rise, and the number of patients reported for this week is 50% higher than the previous week. Furthermore, the second wave is possibly more devastating. As the winter approaches, flu, cold and COVID-19 combination can cause a lethal impact on people. President Donald Trump has suggested increasing the number of children receiving flu shots. Furthermore, the president wants to vaccinate children starting from the age of 3-years against flu.

Flu Vaccination For Children Before Halloween

The administration issued a declaration. Through this declaration, pharmacists nationwide were to give flu shots to every person starting from the age of 3 years and older. However, most states refuse to do so. Alex Azar is the U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services. According to Azar, timely acting will enable children to have better immunization. Furthermore, it will result in attaining high immunization rates during COVID-19. 

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everyone must get flu shots by the end of October. According to Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, the upcoming winter will be the most critical regarding flu spread. That is because COVID-19 and flu are circulating this fall. Both have somewhat similar symptoms. 

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Pharmacies Response Regarding Flu Shots 

More than 176 pharmacies have decided with large pharmacy chains that they will not vaccinate very young children with flu-shots. Furthermore, pharmacies refuse to give flu-shots to children when their parents visit for flu vaccination with their young ones. Desiree Tabor Carter took her 6-year-daughter to get a flu vaccine. However, a pharmacy in Georgia, on October 8, refused to administer flu vaccination. 

People are trying their best to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Furthermore, they are willing to follow precautionary measures. It is difficult for individuals to take their children for flu-shots by taking time out from their daily busy routines. Furthermore, when the pharmacies refuse to give flu-shots, it becomes frustrating for the individuals. In August, Mr. Trump passed a law allowing pharmacists to administer flu shots. However, many pharmacies do not follow such a policy, saying that they did not receive any official notification regarding the matter. 

The Flu-Declaration During COVID-19 Pandemics

Mr. Trump’s working officials are responsible for not properly implementing the declaration. The irresponsible behavior jeopardizes children’s health and leads to the spread of flu. Dr. Leana Wen is a CNN medical analyst and former Baltimore city health commissioner. According to Dr. Leana Wen, although the policy is well-designed, implementing several other steps will make it successful.  

Michael Osterholm is an epidemiologist and disaster preparedness expert at the University of Minnesota. According to Osterholm, the government works effectively. Furthermore, the government does not engage pediatricians, pharmacies, and insurance companies to encourage implementation. Thus, the declaration of the flu shot was likely to fail during the critical flu and COVID-19 time. According to a Health and Human Services spokesperson, getting the flu vaccine is the need of the hour. Thus, all HHS leaders are getting flu-shots. The spokesperson encouraged Americans to do the same. Also, it is essential to protect their community as well as themselves.

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Flu shots for Children During Post-COVID-19

According to the CDC, at least 434 children died in the 2019-2020 flu season due to the flu virus. Furthermore, 36% of children do not receive their flu-vaccine, leading to their deaths mostly. Pharmacists were allowed to give flu shots to protect more children. Furthermore, pharmacies are more convenient than the offices of doctors, especially for working parents. Moreover, New York changed its policy a few years back from now. The number of children given a flu-shot increase by 20% in New York. Furthermore, it results in effectively reducing the flu-virus in children. 

Parents are willing to give their children flu shots and even other vaccines to protect them against diseases. Twenty states already allow pharmacists to vaccinate children ages three and up without a prescription. However, the other 30-states do not vaccinate children so young or at all. The National Association of Chain Drug Stores supports the new declaration regarding flu. It is essential for children to get flu-vaccines, to stay safe, especially during COVID-19. 


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