Face Masks Saves Up to 100,000 US Lives Through The Winter Surge, New Study Suggests

Face masks Control COVID-19 Spread
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Face masks help in saving US residents from becoming victims of the novel coronavirus. Recent research suggests wearing a face mask aids in controlling the spread of coronavirus. The study’s findings state that if 95% of Americans wear a mask during social interaction, it saves up to 100,000 lives. 

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation states regarding the novel coronavirus disease precautions. In September, the COVID-19 forecasting team evaluated that only 49% of the people in the US always wear face masks in social gatherings. 

Taking COVID-19 Easy-No Face Mask

The study suggests there is a risk of an increase in the death rate due to coronavirus if residents continue to remove social distancing mandates. 

By February 28, if only 49% of the US population wears a face mask, the death toll will reach about 1 million deaths. Furthermore, a drastic situation may occur if no change occurs in the mask-wearing. According to the study, no improvements in face-wearing will lead to 8 deaths per 1 million people in the US population.  

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Moreover, by February 28, the death toll may reach 511,373 deaths according to the model projections forecast.

However, the scenario may be different if 95% of the people wear face masks. If residents wear face masks as well as follow social distancing mandates, there will be a decline in the death rate due to coronavirus.

According to the study, mask-wearing by 95% of the residents lowers the death toll, with 381,798 deaths, by February 28.  

Impact Of Face Masks

The study involved an analysis of data on Covid-19 diagnosis and deaths in the US. The researchers study the Covid-19 data reports from February 1 through September 21. 

Moreover, the researchers also considered other factors. For instance, pneumonia seasonality, use of face masks, and rate of coronavirus testing. These factors aid in establishing the expected course of the novel coronavirus through February 28. 

However, there are some limitations to the study. The most important limitation of these findings is that it only forecasts projections using models. The results are not an exact picture of the future. 

Moreover, fluctuations occur in the use of  face masks. Thus, the 49% figure utilized in the research may be outdated by now. 

On Friday, Dr. Chris Murray emphasized the authenticity of the data from weekly modeling projections rather than the study findings.  

Moreover, the study still aids in enlightening the importance of using a face masks to control the spread of the disease. 

The Upcoming Challenges

On Friday, Murray stated that the winter season worsens the prevailing novel coronavirus. Moreover, he says that the research models are indicating the upcoming challenging situation for many months. 

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Face masks aid in lowering or delaying the risk of coronavirus winter surge. Furthermore, according to Murray, the prevention of the fall-winter rush is difficult but not impossible. Due to the massive transmission of coronavirus among the US residents, tiresome efforts aid in controlling the winter surge. 

Moreover, the study provides a long-range view that helps in decision making by the government and other responsible authorities to control the winter rush of coronavirus. 

Research models suggest the start of the winter surge began at the beginning of August, as the daily death rate began to increase. 

In November and December, there will be an intense increase in the winter surge. In January, the winter surge will reach its climax. Moreover, the winter surge will result in a reduction in hospital capacity. 

The government will re-impose the policy of social distancing and emphasize avoiding unwanted social gatherings. Furthermore, expanding the use of face masks is the best strategy to deal with the winter surge of coronavirus, as well as delaying the re-implementation of social distancing mandates. 


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