An Impending Disaster? Experts Fear of A Third Wave of COVID-19

An Impending Disaster? Experts Fear of A Third Wave of COVID-19
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The health experts have indicated a rise in the number of reported cases over the last few weeks. This is in part due to falling temperatures, but doctors believe that people have become more complacent. Doctors from Geisinger are particularly concerned as the number of COVID-19 positive cases is at a 3-month high again.

Prior, experts were warning of a fall resurgence, and it seems like it’s now in the works. The positive cases are skyrocketing, again. People are avoiding the outdoors because of the cold. The attitude of people is also changing.

The Forgotten Protocols

More and more people are now avoiding social distancing protocols. Some people term it as ‘COVID fatigue’. Put simply, people are growing tired of social distancing and precautionary measures. They are letting their guard down.

Dr. Gerald Maloney asserts that people have had enough of being careful. They are returning to their old ways. Dr. Maloney serves as the chief medical officer at Geisinger for hospital services.

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Dr. Maloney says, Geisinger currently is at its peak capacity utilization. The coronavirus-related hospitalizations are skyrocketing and have been constantly increasing since July. In July, there was a hold up for a short time. The last two weeks especially have seen a spike.

The positive results ratio has also gone up with the testing capacity. According to Mr. Maloney, the increasing positives are pointing towards the presence of infections in the community. That means that more and more people are infected and are actively transmitting it. Only this can add up to the upward trend.

Furthermore, Dr. Maloney stresses the importance of getting a flu shot. He believes that the change in the weather is going to bring some problems for society. The COVID-19 is a big enough problem on its own, let alone it being made worse by the flu.

The Threat From Compound Infections – COVID-19 and Flu

If a patient contracts both the COVID and the flu, it might prove to be overwhelming for the immune system. Moreover, the body will be fighting on two fronts and might be weak against any other infections it was already fighting. It is a disaster even for the strongest of individuals.

Dr. Maloney was requesting the community to be wary in the upcoming months. The community is at a risk of a third wave, and the infection is spreading more rapidly than ever. He believes that maintaining good hygiene, wearing protective masks, and practicing social distancing can help in keeping the third-wave at bay.

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The infection and society are the same, it’s the mindset that is changing. Some people even think that the virus is becoming weak and cannot infect them now. Moreover, some states are taking back restrictions and are opening up for the usual business.

Dr. Maloney says that the way to be safe is simple. If what you breathe out can’t enter my system, then both of us will be safe. This makes the wearing of masks a necessity and staying as far away from each other as possible. The social distancing protocols that were put in place throughout the pandemic should be upheld.

The Reopening Economy

Furthermore, states like Pennsylvania are promoting the reopening of businesses and have taken back the stay-at-home orders. While the Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine of Pennsylvania thinks that there is no more need for a shutdown, the clinical evidence is suggesting otherwise.

We have to be more responsible. The responsibility falls on everyone. The healthcare facilities are in no position to go through another wave of the attack. The admittance is already at a maximum, and the death rate is also steadily rising.

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