Joe Biden Vs Trump – Health Care Plan

Joe Biden Vs Trump - Health Care Plan

Political parties have been campaigning ever since the date of elections was announced. Politics is ongoing on multiple issues regarding health plans, the economy, racial equality, criminal justice, and the environment. Furthermore, Biden and Trump have been discussing education plans and immigration. Joe Biden is running in elections against Donald Trump for the position of President. The health care plan is an important topic and concerns about the lives of the American population.

Biden’s Proposal For Health Care

Joe Biden wants to reinforce the Affordable Care Act-Obamacare. He is eager to provide health care coverage to all Americans without any discrimination. Furthermore, even if they are going without coverage, they will receive equal healthcare facilities. 

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Biden elaborated that in his government, even undocumented immigrants will be able to buy into public option plans. However, this is currently not allowed under the Affordable Care Act. He will update the health insurance plan so that no household will need to put more than 8.5% of their earnings on health insurance plans. Moreover, this will reduce the percentage of income that is spent on health insurance from 9.86% to 8.5%. 

Joe Biden is willing to lower the prices of prescription drugs. Furthermore, a commission will monitor and regulate the prices of new medicines. Moreover, the commission will get rid of the tax breaks given to pharmaceutical corporations on advertising. Biden agreed to allocate $775 billion for a plan for the child and eldercare. Furthermore, those who take care of their elders will receive tax relaxation. 

Biden plans to restore funding for Planned Parenthood. He disagrees with the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortions. Joe Biden is willing to invest in health care employment.

Furthermore, he wants to train 35000 workers to aid Americans who are suffering from drug addiction, particularly opioid addiction. Adding to that, he pledged to provide tens of thousands of new jobs for veterans. Furthermore, he wants to employ more than 100,000 Americans to work in disease prevention.

Health Care Plan By Donald Trump, Against Joe Biden

Against Planned Parenthood, Mr. Trump is in favor of the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment was one of the first steps taken by President Donald Trump in 2017. Furthermore, he does not support the Affordable Care Act. However, he is yet to represent any replacement plan that could act in place for the Affordable Care Act.

Donald Trump wants to put an end to the Affordable Care Act. However, if this happens, all existing protections and preexisting conditions will not be able to provide relief to the American population. Moreover, Joe Biden agrees to provide these protections to all Americans.

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Mr. Trump is willing to lower the price of prescription drugs. Furthermore, he also agreed to lower health insurance premiums. He also wants to provide access to coverage for Americans with preexisting conditions. Mr. Trump has already signed orders in July and September to lower the prices of prescription drugs.

Furthermore, the cost of medicines on Medicare parts B and D will become comparable to the prices seen internationally. Moreover, these Trump decisions resemble those of Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump may want to improve the health sector. Yet he did not mention how he would improve the health care plan. However, he provided no layout for how he would improve the health care plan. Moreover, how the health care plan will become better, more effective, and less expensive for the American population. Furthermore, Trump has not mentioned anything about veterans and drug addicts. 

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