COVID-19 Leads To Digital Health Passports

Airport after COVID-19

COVID-19 affects everyone. However, the impact of the virus on the tourism industry is significant. Moreover, tourism was put on hold by all countries across the globe. Thanks to technology, people somehow stayed connected with their loved ones through the social networking site. But now, with uplifting curfews and lockdowns, people can travel.

International flights are getting back on track. Still, people must follow precautionary measures. Before COVID-19, only passports with official documents were essential for traveling. However, after COVID-19, a digital health passport is the need of the hour. 

Digital Health Passport Needed Because Of COVID-19

By making new common international standards for passengers, people can resume traveling. Moreover, the globe can stay connected and healthy. The Common Pass system is responsible for designing such standards for passengers. The World Economic Forum created this system. Furthermore, the health-standards will determine whether the passenger is COVID-19 negative or not.

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Furthermore, the CEO of the Common Project said that countries are eager to reopen their borders for foreigners and businesses. Moreover, to stabilize their economy without compromising the safety of the people. Thus, to have a safe, healthy environment, control over COVID-19 spread, and a stable economy, digital health-passports will be a solution. 

For the first time, a small group of passengers travelling from the UK to the US will use the new digital-health-passport. The performance of the digital health passport will be under check. The trial flight will fly from Heathrow to Newark on Wednesday on a United Airlines flight. Furthermore, it will enable governments to monitor the movements of the passenger.

Some critics consider the digital health passport as a means of controlling the movement of passengers and interfering in their privacy. 

Digital Health Passport Risk Management In The Post COVID Era

However, the CEO reports that the digital health passport will provide a means of determining the health of the incoming passengers. Before the market launch of vaccines for the COVID-19. Moreover, before the selection of suitable standard COVID-19 vaccines, digital health passports are ideal for monitoring the health of passengers. Furthermore, controlling the spread of any virus soon. 

The CEO elaborates that digital health passports are not a perfect solution, yet it allows risk management significantly. The data on this digital health passport provides all the health-related issues that the individual has experienced. Furthermore, this health information is sufficient to diagnose any disease that may occur while the passenger is traveling abroad. Moreover, it will enable countries to control the spread of diseases. 

The travel and medical services firm Collinson, in the COVID-19 testing facility, will conduct tests through a private testing company, Prenetics. Seventy-two hours before traveling, passengers undergo testing procedures.

Furthermore, travelers answer a health screening questionnaire. Upon a negative test, the passenger receives a QR code, the code scan-able by airline staff, and border officials. Airlines will be paying for services to the CommonPass system. 

Improvements Through Digital Health Passport Usage

Mark Burgess is the process improvement director at Heathrow. They are eager to create common international standards for health. The transportation department said that the government is working day and night to reduce the isolation period. Furthermore, make the situation possible to travel without raising any health issues.

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Moreover, the transportation sector is working with the healthcare, aviation, and testing sectors to make traveling safe for the future. Once the trial with a digital health passport runs successfully, then further improvements can occur.

Furthermore, the digital health passport will enable governments to provide security as it monitors movement. However, health information and other personal data will remain confidential. 

The tourism industry will improve from the current situation and become upgraded. Furthermore, updating is a necessity, especially after the COVID-19 pandemics. People also need to understand that such measures like the digital health passport are for their safety.

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