Without a Proven Negative, President Trump Sets His Eyes Back On Campaign

Without a Proven Negative, Trump Sets His Eyes Back On Campaign
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President Donald Trump has declared that he is willing to step right back into the campaigning process.
The White House is abstaining from providing the press with the President’s latest test date. The only statement issued by the White House doctor states that President Trump is no longer a COVID-19 transmission threat.

The announcement to resume campaigning comes on the eve of the Florida rally.
Mr. President is sticking to his statement that he is immune from the virus but won’t give out a negative test report. The interview was with the Fox News Channel. He said on the Sunday Morning Futures program that he is fit to fight the battles.

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Moreover, a memo sent out by the White House said the assessment of the President was done per current CDC standards for safe termination of isolation. However, there was no information regarding the latest test results for the COVID-19.

The Recovery of President Trump

Experts are skeptical of the small gap between virus detection and subsequent recovery from it. Only ten days have passed since the initial diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, the experts think that there is no certain way of concluding if someone was still a risk or not.

The matter won’t be so important if the President was not addressing public rallies. The White House has been silent about any potential safety measures that could be taken. The President Trump could be a threat to the whole Air Force One crew, the airport staff or the whole public gathered at the rally.

An indication by campaign officials states that Trump will be on travel for the rest of the campaign. This means that he would be traveling and addressing the public every day. Without the communication of a negative test result, he would be putting the lives of millions at risk.

Another controversy arising around President Trump is the doctored statements included in Mr. Trump’s election campaign. An election campaign ad included comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci is seen commending the leadership qualities of President Donald Trump.

Dr. Fauci objects to the use of his comments out of context. According to Dr. Fauci, the comments were added to the ad without permission and are out of context.

Doctoring the Doctor’s Comments

Moreover, Dr. Fauci asserts that he is impartial and has never endorsed a political candidate in his fifty-year public service. Furthermore, according to him, the comments the pertain to the performance of public health officials in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, is adamant that these are Fauci’s own words, and he is full of praise about the administration’s efforts.
Sunday saw President Trump tweet about having a green signal from the White House doctors to return to the campaign trail.

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The social media platform itself marked his tweet with a fact-check warning.
Infectious disease specialists believe the chance of reinfection is less for at least three months post initial infection. But over time, antibodies wane, and the chances of reinfection can increase again.

Dr. Albert Ko, an infectious disease specialist, says that the immunity one acquires is not for a lifetime. Furthermore, he added that those with a severe infection must isolate for at least 20 days. The public and experts are not happy with the way Trump has been handling his infection. He attended rallies and more than 20 people in his close proximity have contracted the virus.

Dr. Marc Lipsitch from the Harvard School of Public Health also voices the same concerns. He said the letter by the White House does not disclose enough information to determine if he’s safe for the public or not. If he is still a transmission threat, then future rallies could prove catastrophic centers of disease spread.

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