COVID-19 Induces Irreversible Hearing Loss

COVID-19 associated hearing loss

The after-effects of COVID-19 infection are still in the process of discovery. Furthermore, many other questions come to the mind of COVID-19 patients and researchers. The effects of coronavirus on the economy, community, and individual level are still in the process of analysis. The post-COVID-19 world is somehow different than the pre-COVID-19 world. Furthermore, it is different not only for the patients of the pandemics but also for the healthy population. A case of permanent hearing loss appears in a coronavirus patient.

Post-COVID-19 World

During pandemics, people start to value their health, family values, and personal hygiene. The coronavirus-pandemics lead people to stay in their homes, which enables them to spend more time with their loved ones. Healthcare professionals emphasize people to follow precautionary measures and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thus, for personal protection and well-being, people take care of their hygiene and cleanliness.

Furthermore, people follow precautionary measures for their safety and the safety of those around them. People now understand the importance of wearing a mask. Moreover, they are willing to change their eating habits and lifestyle.

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There are a lot of behavioral, social, political, and financial changes in the people in the post-COVID era. Some of these alterations are positive, while others are negative. Some people spend quality time with their families during the lockdown. However, there are some people who, due to coronavirus pandemics, suffer mental health issues like depression.

People who were living alone in an apartment unable to visit their friends and family developed anxiety or depression. Furthermore, the losses in business or job loss put additional stress on people. Thus, in a post-COVID world, there are many people with physical and mental health issues.


The lives of coronavirus patients change drastically. In the early days of the pandemics, the death toll was very high. Through effective measures and preventive measures, the world was able to control the spread. However, as soon as the government lifts the curfews or lockdowns, the number of cases again starts to rise. Furthermore, the coronavirus patients are developing new disease symptoms after recovering from coronavirus infection. It is known as Long-COVID. These symptoms appear and disappear on their own. 

Some coronavirus patients develop critical complications that lead to death. Furthermore, others experience excessive weight loss, fatigue, and heart problems. Moreover, in rare cases, the coronavirus was able to cause mental issues.

The virus is also capable of affecting the gut. Thus, some patients have gastrointestinal-issues and were unable to eat. A rare case in the UK occurs, highlighting the possibility of occurrence of irreversible hearing loss in coronavirus patients after recovery. Thus, indicating that COVID-19 may cause irreversible damage to its patients.

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Hearing Loss In Coronavirus-Recovered Patient

BMJ journal publishes a paper. According to the study, the UK reports the first case of sensorineural hearing loss. The author of the report suggests to carry out further research regarding sensorineural hearing loss. Furthermore, the possibility of recovery of sensorineural hearing loss is high upon early diagnosis. The coronavirus patient, who after recovery develops sensorineural hearing loss, was 45-years-old. Only one of the ears experiences sudden and unexplainable hearing loss. 

The man is an asthmatic patient and was in the hospital on the 10th day of the coronavirus symptoms. Furthermore, he remained in the ICU and hospital for a total of 30 days. Moreover, he developed bilateral pulmonary embolism, ventilator-associated pneumonia, pulmonary hypertension, and anemia.

For treatment, he received antiviral-drug remdesivir, plasma exchange, and intravenous steroids. Initially, there were no signs of hearing loss. Thus, the author of the paper suggests that other coronavirus-recovered patients must undergo otolaryngology on an emergency basis. Furthermore, sudden hearing loss develops in 5-160 cases per 100000 COVID-19-patients.

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