Healthy Lifestyle Helps In Fighting COVID-19

Healthy Lifestyle Helps In Fighting COVID-19
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Around the globe, almost everyone has an impact on themselves of the coronavirus pandemics. The COVID-19 outbreak affects every aspect of life. Moreover, it divides the world into two eras. One duration is the time before the coronavirus pandemics. Furthermore, the other is the time after the COVID-19 outbreak.

There have been many changes in the situation of the post-COVID-19. People are more watchful about their health and cleanliness than ever. According to the first lady, a healthy diet and clean, fresh air can reduce the risk of coronavirus. 

Living A Healthy Lifestyle And Coronavirus

Living a healthy lifestyle has its benefits. A healthy lifestyle not only improves physical health but also encourages better mental health. The main component of a healthy lifestyle includes a good diet that is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. Other elements include physical exercise, good sleeping patterns, personal hygiene, and a safe and healthy working and social environment. Skipping meals weakens the body against pathogen invasion. Furthermore, irregular sleep patterns disturb the body clock leading to emotional disturbances and mood swings. 

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A healthy lifestyle is vital for survival, particularly against pathogens like COVID. Such a lifestyle reduces weight, decreases the risk of cancer, enables effective diabetes management, and prevents stroke. Furthermore, it improves memory, encourages positivity in behavior, and strengthens the bones and teeth. Most importantly, it affects the future generation. Mrs. Trump, while writing about her personal experience with coronavirus infection, says that everyone must live the healthiest life possible. 

Mrs. Trump Thoughts On COVID-19

The first lady, Lady Melania Trump, wrote about her COVID-19 diagnosis. She suggests that people must adapt to healthy eating and living habits. Furthermore, the American population must consume sufficient vitamins, fresh air, and a nutritious diet.

According to the first lady, a balanced-diet, clean air, and vitamins are essentials for body health. Additionally, for mental health, the gesture of humility and feelings of compassion are equally significant.

However, Mrs. Trump does not mention the use of face masks and practicing social distancing as the effective ways of preventing the COVID-19 infection. Sharing her experience of the COVID-19-infection, she writes that she was lucky as her symptoms were milder. However, some symptoms do appear that include body aches, cough, fatigue, and headaches. Yet, she chooses to take natural treatment strategies and uses more vitamins and nutrition-rich foods.

Moreover, she is glad that now her test results for COVID-19 infection are negative. Adding to this, she is happy to receive the love of the people and will happily resume official duties. Furthermore, she continues to pray for the country, the nation, and for the recovery of the people suffering COVID-19 infection.

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Is There A Change In The Approach Of Trump Regarding COVID-19

Both President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Furthermore, there is no change regarding their perception regarding the coronavirus. Coronavirus has drastically affected the global economy and financial system of almost every country. Moreover, people need time to recover from their losses.

Everyone has a COVID-19 associated-fear in them. Furthermore, every individual is now adapting to a healthy lifestyle. People are eager to follow precautionary measures to every extent to avoid COVID-19.

However, the behavior and perception of Trump, his family, and his government are still not reasonable. Particularly in respect of the current situation when the number of average daily cases reports is above 51000.

Mr. Trump does not handle the conditions responsibly. Even during his treatment, he continues his gatherings and meetings. Furthermore, Trump was slammed by the Americans over his decisions regarding COVID-19.

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