Development of Long-COVID In Post COVID Times

COVID-19 and politics
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Most of the news in the media is mostly about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemics effects. Furthermore, the death toll each day is increasing with the number of cases alarmingly. In the post-COVID situation, people can move out of their homes and carry their daily chores.

However, this also provides a means of spreading the virus if individuals don’t follow precautionary measures. Different countries make various amendments to deal with the post-COVID situation. Earlier in October, the president had positive test results for coronavirus infection. However, he is continuing his political activities after recovery.

COVID-19 Spread Rate In Post Lockdown 

The novel coronavirus is at the beginning of causing the second wave of infection. After uplifting curfews or lockdowns, the coronavirus is spreading at a high rate. Furthermore, as winter is approaching, cases of flu are also increasing. Additionally, the diagnosis of the patients becomes difficult as the initial symptoms of flu and coronavirus are similar. The European nations have concerns regarding the explosive increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 infection.

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The number of daily cases in Europe is about 10000. Observing the current situation, France has imposed a curfew. Whereas other European nations, seeing the condition, decide to close schools and cancel surgeries.

Furthermore, in the USA, the average number of daily cases reported has reached 51000. However, the reaction of the government towards the increasing number of cases is not satisfying. Particularly for the public and opposition. 

Trump’s Political Activities And Coronavirus Infection

In the first week of October, Mr. Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. His admittance to the hospital for three days didn’t stop him from running the election campaign. After recovering, by using different treatments, including dexamethasone and REGN-COV2 antibody cocktail, he continues his political activities. His 14-year-old son, Barron, also has positive test results for COVID-19. However, he shows no symptoms of infection.

Even during treatment, he visited the White House and made a trip in his car, jeopardizing the safety of high-level officials. Now less than three weeks are left until the U.S. presidential elections. Thus far, Mr. Trump has been actively running his election campaign. He was holding a rally in Iowa. With the passing of every day, the pressure on election candidates increases. Thus, they need to vigilantly work and use their time effectively to get better outcomes. Mr. Trump promised a better future for the Americans during his election campaign. 

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Health 

Everyone knows that COVID-19 causes respiratory issues. In particular, SARS-COV2 viral infection is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome caused by a coronavirus. The main organ that receives maximum damage is the lungs.

However, the coronavirus affects other organs as well. The impact on other organs like the heart, brain, and gastrointestinal tract depends on the condition of the patient before the coronavirus invasion. In the case of previously damaged organs, the effect of coronavirus infection can be lethal. 

Some studies are indicating that people develop complications or illness after infection with COVID-19. It is called long-COVID. During long-COVID, people develop four different syndromes causing drastic effects on physical and mental health. The National Institute For Research of Britain reports that many COVID-19-patients after recovery develop symptoms of illness in physiological locations.

Furthermore, previously healthy organs show illness symptoms. These symptoms may appear even after seven months of recovery. Moreover, these symptoms appear first in one area and fade away then appear in another locality. Thus, people must follow precautionary measures to protect themselves from the virus in the first place. 

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