COVID: Even Lockdown Could Not Reduce Traffic Jams

traffic in post-COVID
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According to a new report, during the COVID-19 pandemic the use of cars in cities hasn’t decreased but comparatively increased in the daytime. It has effects on the environment of New York City. Extensive traffic jams and air pollution have adverse effects on health. There is an immediate need to control air pollution as it causes respiratory issues. Furthermore, sound pollution also needs to be kept in check as it causes hearing issues.

Traffic In The Major Cities Of States

Research firm Street Light Data observed traffic patterns in five major metropolitan cities. The study’s findings are that, in August, vehicles traveled at the same rate as before the pandemic. However, the timings of traffic and rush hours changed. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. have the same traffic patterns, but New York’s rush hour was most extreme among the others.

Furthermore, it has 5 to 6 percent more traffic during the rush hour of 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. During midday, other cities had more traffic. Furthermore, the workers of New York City didn’t return to their work while in other states they did.

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Manhattan has experienced less traffic. Moreover, the Mayor of Manhattan postpones building infrastructure to avoid much traffic. The new driving patterns observed according to a survey, are that 77 percent of employees are working from home. However, 55 percent are likely to continue like before.

Millions of workers no longer travel to a distant office in the morning. So now they have free time for shopping and, so more businesses gradually flourish. Thus, resulting in more traffic, that means more accidents. Moreover, increasing the death rate and injuries. The vice president of marketing at Street Light Data said that they are not sure about an increase in the death rate.

Traffic During Post-COVID Time

A Transportation Alternatives spokesperson said that other mayors around the globe are effectively dealing with coronavirus pandemics.

They make far-reaching changes to deal with the coronavirus-pandemics and take full responsibility for their actions. Moreover, to make new rules, regulations, and policies to set a new normal. Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio suggests following the rules and procedures that were in action before the pandemics. Furthermore, he agreed to make no amends for post-COVID times.

There is an immediate need to form a post-COVID surface-transportation recovery plan. Furthermore, the transportation system requires updating according to the traffic in post-COVID situation.

As the percentage of bikers is increasing yearly, thus the government must make separate bike-lines. The vice president of marketing at Street Light Data said that they have data that shows that American cities are seeing a trend of cycling. Furthermore, every year there is a 12 percent increase in biking.

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Martin Morzynski Recommendations

Martin Morzynski is the vice president of StreetLight Data. He said that the increased biking in many cities and new knowledge about bikers’ destination hubs is already indicating the creation of bike infrastructure to ensure the safety of bikers. Furthermore, the increase of Vehicle Miles Traveled during the day is a challenge for transportation planners to deal with new urban traffic realities. Thus, to deal with the growing urban traffic, they need more data and better strategies. 

Morzynski advises developing separate heavy vehicle lanes, bus lanes, and busways to control the growing urban traffic. Furthermore, they can utilize the highway budget for forming these lanes. However, the mayor has refused to follow these development programs.

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