Nailing Coronavirus: Trump Pledges To Share Treatment Regimen

Coronavirus Treatment
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Coronavirus, the pandemic, not only brings the virus with itself, but also various complications and challenges to meet. Furthermore, it is suspected that a second wave of coronavirus may appear. Moreover, winters may worsen the disease outbreak. Elections 2020 are in the limelight in the news. All the parties are eager to win the elections. Furthermore, candidates are actively carrying out election campaigns.

Despite being coronavirus positive, President Donald Trump continued his election campaign. Moreover, Trump promises to make the treatment he receives available at every hospital in the United States. That way, people who have coronavirus infection can be treated and recover.

Possible Treatment For Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus drastically affects the physical and mental health of individuals. It has an impact on everyone, either directly or indirectly. Thus self-care is essential. A person must take proper 8 hours of sleep, drink plenty of water, and nutritious food.

Furthermore, personal hygiene must be a priority of every individual. Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing must become a part of every individual’s life. Pharmaceutical companies are working day and night to develop a vaccine and an antibody-therapy for Coronavirus or COVID-19 treatment.

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A vaccine is a substance that consists of the killed or non-infectious virus. Such vaccines enable the body’s immune system to identify the virus and store information regarding the virus in beta-lymphocytes-memory cells. Furthermore, it makes the body produce specific antibodies against the virus to fight against it.

Trump- Tested Positive for COVID-19 

President Donald Trump had a positive test result for COVID-19 earlier this October. For three days, he was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Furthermore, he was given REGN-COV2 for treatment upon FDA approval in case of an emergency.

REGN-COV2 is an antibody cocktail, Regeneron is the manufacturer of REGN-COV2. However, REGN-COV2 needs FDA approval for marketing. Other treatment drugs are not yet known to the public. However, President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he vows to provide the same treatment for COVID-19, by which he recovered.

He benefited from this treatment and was in shape as if he had never left. Mr. Trump is now as healthy as he was before testing positive for the infection. Furthermore, he had no visible signs of illness. He is working with enthusiasm to win elections. A brief rally-style event occurred Saturday at the White House.

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Moreover, after the recovery, Mr. Trump planned an election campaign for Pennsylvania and Iowa on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. According to Dr. Sean P. Conley, after receiving multiple treatments, Mr. Trump is no longer contagious.

The Pledges of Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump has successfully recovered from COVID-19. According to his doctor, the test results on antigen presence are negative now, for successive days. President Donald Trump promises to distribute treatment-strategy and drugs across all hospitals in the United States. Moreover, to avoid further deaths from the coronavirus, that has killed more than 215000 people.

He promises to protect the rights of every citizen, the majority as well as the minority. He has been persistent in promoting Judge Amy Coney Barrett as Judge of the Supreme Court. Moreover, to gain a clear majority on the court. President Donald Trump suggests people live the way they want. If an individual wants to go out or stay indoors, he is free to do whatever suits him.

White House urges governors to lift virus-related restrictions. But governors want to re-impose coronavirus restrictions because of the possibility of a second wave occurrence, by winter. Furthermore, the average number of reported-cases daily for seven days is up to 49000. Thus, the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 is high.


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