3 Common Nutrient Deficiencies People Usually Tend to Ignore

nutrient deficiencies
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You might think that nutrient deficiency is a thing in the past. But even today, it is possible to lack some of the essential nutrients that are much important for you. It is because your body needs all the nutrients to work optimally. So, having a nutrient deficiency, your bodily functions and processes may alter at the most basic cellular level. It can lead to some diseases. So, there are some nutrient deficiencies that are common everywhere, and you should be well aware of it.

1. Protein Deficiency

Protein-energy under nutrition is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. Early known as Protein-energy malnutrition, many growing age children lack this nutrient. Moreover, it is also common in older people, who have almost no access to nutrients.

A nutrient deficiency can lead to some hazardous diseases. For example, in children, two diseases Kwashiorkor and marasmus, are common. These diseases are dangerous to children’s health.

If we talk about Kwashiorkor, then it is an extreme state of weakness. Having this disease can affect your body as a result of weight loss. It is a common symptom in a person having Kwashiorkor. Moreover, you will also notice baldness. Similarly, loss of appetite, weak muscles, and fatigue are other common symptoms.

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A well-balanced diet can reduce the chance of Kwashiorkor. As per RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) for age can prevent these deficiencies.

2. Iron

When it comes to common nutrient deficiencies, nothing can beat iron. You would have heard of this common disease, Anemia. Iron deficiency is the biggest culprit behind this deadly disease.

Many specialized doctors claim that the cause of iron deficiency is the low content of hemoglobin. And this low content of hemoglobin is mainly due to iron deficiency. Sounds confusing? This deadly disease is highly risky for your life. Anemia in pregnant women can cause several problems. Likewise, it can increase the risk of the mother’s death during childbirth.

This iron deficiency can also cause extreme fatigue along with pale skin. You will also notice pain or aches in different parts of your body, commonly in the chest and head. Aside from this, the most effective is blood loss. It is because the red blood cells in your blood start to disappear.

To avoid this nutrient deficiency, the dietary sources that you should take are red meat and shellfish. Along with these, excess intake of organ meat can also fulfill your iron need.

3. Vitamin

When it comes to immunity, then you should intake excess of vitamins. But, unfortunately, it is also a common deficiency in people of all ages. Many doctors narrate that most of the parts of ou body consume different vitamins for proper functioning. For example, Vitamin A is responsible for immune function and healthy eyesight. So, its deficiency can let other diseases to attack with ease. It can also cause blindness.

Vitamin C is essential for the proper healing of tissues. So, this deficiency can cause prolonged healing of wounds and tissues. Furthermore, this nutrient deficiency also increases the risk of having chronic diseases.

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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body needs for maintaining your bones’ growth. It also helps in absorbing calcium that is an important component for your bones. So, its deficiency can cause dangerous diseases like rickets and Osteoporosis. In these diseases, your bones start to grow inappropriately. The bones get crooked or bent.

The dietary items for vitamin deficiency are meat, fish, eggs, legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Conclusively, these were the incredibly common nutrient deficiencies. These nutrient deficiencies can create problems for you. But, you can reduce these problems by balancing your diet.

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