Impact Of Telomere Length On Pregnancy And Longevity

Association Of Telomere Length And Pregnancy
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Telomere length impacts women’s longevity. Recent research makes it evident that women bearing birth later in their life may increase their life span. The research on menopause enlightens that the life of a woman increases after the birth of her last child. The study was published in the Journal Of The North American Menopause Society(NAMS).

More precisely, the DNA-protein complexes get repeated by the leukocyte telomere length – telomeres. Furthermore, aiding in the protection of chromosomal endings. Thus, playing a vital role in the maintenance of genomic stability. Moreover, leading to a woman’s longevity.


Telomeres are protective caps present at the ends of the DNA molecules in chromosomes. Telomeres make sure that the DNA is copied without errors so that cells can divide and grow to be healthy. The DNA gets shorter with each cell division.

However, telomere protects DNA from getting tinier. An aging theory suggests that telomere has a link with aging. This theory suggests that the shorter the telomere length, the smaller the life-span. Furthermore, cells can’t repair or die when telomere reaches a certain short-length.

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Longer telomeres can be beneficial for long-term health, while shorter ones can signify “various chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some neurologic conditions, and various cancers,” past studies have suggested, according to the news release.

Shorter telomere sends signals to the rest of the cells that there is problematic DNA that needs repairing rather than replication. Continuous copying of problematic DNA will result in abnormal cell growth leading to cancer. In this sense, it also plays a vital role in cancer prevention. Thus shorter and longer telomere both have their benefits.

Women’s Age At Birth

One previous study suggests that the women’s age at the delivery of her last child affects telomere length. Thus it affects women’s aging process. The new study, done on a larger scale, was published on Wednesday. In this study, 1200 premenopausal women were participants. They belong to different localities, religions, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

Furthermore, they have age differences, weight differences, and habits. In this study, researchers noticed the length of telomere, women’s age at birth, and the financial status of the women. They also observe emotional, social, and other sociodemographic factors during pregnancy.

Furthermore, the study proves the connection between telomere length and age of women at the time of the birth of the last child. According to the study, women’s age at the time of the last child’s birth affects the length of the telomere.

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Therefore, impacting on the life expectancy of the women. Moreover, it acts as a biomarker of long-term health and longevity. The study makes it evident that the longer the telomere, the greater the lifespan of the women.


Everyone wants to live a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life. Scientists work to know the cause of aging so that science can be able to control the process of aging. Aging is the process of becoming old. However, at the cellular level, aging means that the cell ceases to divide. Furthermore, at the population level, aging means the population of species is no longer able to grow.

One theory does suggest that women who become mothers at a later age live longer. Dr. Stephanie Faubion is medical director at The North American Menopause Society. According to her, to understand the link between telomere and birth of the last child, more research is required.

Moreover, to determine the age of women at the time of the birth of the youngest child is responsible for longer telomere. And also to understand whether telomere length enables women to conceive at an older age or not.

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