COVID-19, Experts Supports Anti-lockdown Declaration

COVID-19 Anti-lockdown Declaration
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COVID-19 calls for an alarming situation and many complications for society. Many researchers and physicians are part of the global movement warning of “grave concerns” regarding the implementation of lockdown due to COVID-19.

An estimate of about 6,000 experts and thousands from the Unites Kingdom put forward their point of view about the approach. They consider the implementation of lockdown to have a lethal impact on physical as well as mental health. Furthermore, it is influencing society negatively.

Copping Up With COVID-19

The current situation is concerning the health experts, therefore decided to call for the protection of the vulnerable population. While on the other hand, healthy ones continue with their lives.

The declaration gives rise to warnings by other individuals in the scientific community.

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The detractors have enlightened the faults in the approach. Critics emphasize the difficulty in protecting the vulnerable ones by a more targeted approach. In addition to it, as COVID-19 victims face long-term complications, thus threatening the lives of the healthy ones.

In the movement, the Great Barrington Declaration, a few warnings pointed out by the group of GPs in the UK. About sixty-six GPs, dozens of medics, and TV doctors Dr. Phil Hammond and Dr. Rosemary Leonard, put forward their views to the health secretary.

Moreover, many physicians and experts wrote to the health secretary, emphasizing up the insufficient focus on the non-COVID19 harms.

The Great Barrington Declaration

The global movement, the Great Barrington Declaration, is native to the United States. The declaration concerns the lethal impact of the lockdown on the lives of the healthy ones. Worldwide about 6,000 scientists and medics have signed the petition supporting the anti-lockdown policy in COVID-19. Furthermore, about 50,000 members of the public support this declaration.

The experts from the UK who have signed the great Barrington Declaration include Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Prof Ellen Townsend, and Dr. Paul McKeigue.

These experts say the lockdown implementation until the release of the coronavirus vaccine will worsen the health overall. Moreover, they state that lockdown policies in COVID-19 have irreparable devastating impacts on society.

Furthermore, elaborating on the health harm includes the reduced childhood rate of vaccination. Moreover, threatening the health of cardiac patients and cancer patients.

The declaration points out that older and infirm people are 1,000 times more prone to coronavirus. However, children are more prone to become victims of flu than COVID-19.

What Aids in Protecting From COVID-19?

Fortunately, the risk of infection to all falls with the boosting of immunity in the population. Moreover, fighting the disease by building immunity is a more sympathetic approach.

The point of concern for the declaration members is protecting vulnerable ones. Added to it, they emphasize testing of care-home workers, with a preference to use staff possessing acquired immunity.

Furthermore, they give preference to the delivery of groceries and other essentials for the old age people to avoid interaction with COVID-19. As well as the elderly population should meet their family members outside rather than inside to avoid the infection.

Everyone must practice simple hygiene measures, which include washing hands and avoid gatherings when sick.

In contrast to it, the less vulnerable young individuals must be allowed to carry on with their routine work. Moreover, in-person teaching must be observed by the opening of schools and universities.

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Added to it, resuming the sports and cultural activities as well as reopening of the restaurants should be allowed.

Perspective Of Other Experts

According to Dr. Stephen Griffin, the declaration has keen ethical, logistical, and scientific deficiencies. He spotlights on the equal treatment of the vulnerable population in COVID-19, without any discrimination between the more vulnerable and the less vulnerable ones.

Moreover, he states that we have a lack of knowledge regarding how long the post-immunity stays in an individual. Thus, worsening the COVID-19 outbreak.

Added to that, it is yet not clear if the herd immunity is achievable or not.

Some experts have a perspective that immunity is not long-term. However, if infection re-occurs, it would be milder.


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