No Mask – Donald Trump Visits White House Taking COVID-19 Issue Again Lightly

Donald Trump visits white without mask despite coronavirus infection
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President Donald Trump has positive test results for COVID-19. Everyone is aware of the seriousness and danger associated with the coronavirus. Furthermore, the coronavirus outbreak affects everyone around the globe, either directly or indirectly.

The impact of coronavirus was not only on the physical health of individuals but also on their mental health. Furthermore, the coronavirus affects the economy of many countries. Authorities and doctors are asking people to take extra precautions in post-lockdown conditions. Hence, to avoid any interaction with the coronavirus. However, President Donald Trump not only meets people for the elections but also visits the White House.

The Behavior Of President Donald Trump Towards His Illness

Donald Trump leaves a military hospital after three days of treatment. Not only has he left the hospital while he has yet to recover, but he also goes to the White House. The president has an opinion that the nation shall not fear the coronavirus. Even though 210,000 Americans died due to the coronavirus, Trump enters the White House without a mask. 

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The careless behavior of President Donald Trump alarmed other officials and disease experts. People slammed Trump for putting Secret-Service agents and other House members at risk of developing COVID-19. The first lady, many Secret Service agents, and several White House assistants had positive test results for coronavirus.

President Donald Trump leaves Walter Reed National Military Center via helicopter to go to the White House. He enters the White House by claiming that he feels good. Trump visits the Blue Room without a mask. But he is recovering at the White House, where many high-level U.S. government officials have coronavirus infections. 

Trump Compares Coronavirus And Seasonal Flu

Donald Trump is willing to do anything to win the election. Thus, in his tweets, he confirms that he will be carrying out Campaign trials soon despite his positive-coronavirus reports. Furthermore, he reports that the government has the best medical equipment and medicines. Donald Trump is hopeful of beating the coronavirus infection. However, he was taking deeper breaths than usual while addressing people through a video message. 

He suggests people not to be afraid of the COVID-19. Through his tweet, he said that over 100000 people die every year from the flu. Despite the vaccine, such a death toll occurs. Furthermore, the country has to develop and make progress. People need to live with the virus as the country cannot remain closed down forever. People need to cope with the current situation. 

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The coronavirus infection resulted in more than 210000 deaths. Coronavirus is more lethal than seasonal flu. Coronavirus causes a long-term impact on the health of older as well as younger people. Trump has been hiding the real situation and encouraging people not to fear the virus. Furthermore, to continue their lives. Moreover, just for the sake of boosting the economy before elections. 

Reaction Of People Towards Trump’s Statement

According to Navy Cmdr. Sean Conley, a doctor for Trump, he is still contagious. Furthermore, the president needs another week for a full recovery. Thus, his actions jeopardize the health of many government officials.

These actions and opinions face criticism from people. Dr. David Nace of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said that people need to be realistic. Furthermore, COVID-19 is a complete threat to the American people. Moreover, the majority of the people have no in-house medical unit and no access to experimental treatments.

Dr. Sadiya Khan of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine said that such actions could increase the number of coronavirus cases. Furthermore, many political supporters of Trump are no longer with him due to his behavior towards the coronavirus.

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