Coronavirus Vaccine Subjected To Political Games

Coronavirus vaccine
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Vaccine provides means to develop immunity against bacteria and viruses. Internationally there is a race going on to produce a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States of America are eager to find such a vaccine. Furthermore, the vaccine is ready for the market but requires approval from the FDA and government.

However, the White House is delaying the approval as the House has certain concerns about the guidelines. Thus, the vaccine launch in the market will be after the November 3 elections.

Working Of Vaccines

A vaccine is a biological preparation that initiates the production of antibodies. Thus, it helps your body’s defense system or immune system to fight diseases and become healthy. Specific diseases have their specific vaccines. The vaccine provides active acquired immunity. Immunity is the ability of an individual to resist particular infectious toxins with the help of white blood cells. 

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Production of vaccines involves the development of a non-infectious agent or antigen. By killing active bacteria or viruses by the action of certain chemical and biological agents, formation of non-infectious antigens occurs.  

Furthermore, vaccine development may occur by using weak antigen, and one or more parts of the surface protein of disease-causing antigen. Similarly, scientists are looking forward to developing the coronavirus vaccine. 

When such a vaccine enters an individual’s body the immune system detects the antigen as a foreign body particle and starts producing antibodies to fight the disease. Furthermore, this protects the body from active, infectious-antigen.

Moreover, this enables the body to produce antibodies before the antigen infects. Thus, the disease-antigen cannot affect the body the same way as that of an individual without vaccination. Added to that, the rate of survival of the individual with vaccination increases.

Hence, hoping to reduce the death rate of the current pandemic by the formation of coronavirus vaccine.

Vaccine FDA Approval

The preparation of an injectable form of vaccine solution is the priority of the pharmaceutical firm.

Once the dosage form is ready the vaccine has to pass all clinical trials up to phase 3 with productive outcomes. The FDA will not allow permission for the marketing of the coronavirus vaccine until the vaccine meets all standards of manufacturing.

Furthermore, marketing of the vaccine can occur if via demonstration it is proved that the vaccine has completed the clinical trial up to phase 3. Moreover, some evidence is required for market approval of the coronavirus vaccine.  

Dr. Hahn is the director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to him, the FDA will not approve of any vaccine until they are sure of the quality, safety, and efficacy profile. He added that the FDA will not allow anything that can harm people. Furthermore, coronavirus vaccine before its launch is required to pass a well-designed Phase 3 clinical trial. 

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Added to that, a half-dozen candidates for Phase 3 must be under monitoring for two months to ensure there are no side effects. The coronavirus vaccine is also capable of providing long-lasting protection from the virus.

Politics Emerging In FDA Working

Top White House officials are not approving FDA guidelines and want to launch the coronavirus vaccine within October before the elections.

According to political officials, the coronavirus vaccine is all ready for the market. Political officials aim to use coronavirus vaccine development as an election tool. 

President Donald Trump also has the opinion that the coronavirus vaccine could be ready within October. Furthermore, President Donald Trump has full confidence and trust unconditionally in the efforts of companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna, testing the vaccines.

Stephan Hahn is FDA Commissioner. He reports that the final decision on market approval for the coronavirus vaccine will be by scientists, not politicians.

Moreover, the FDA will not change the decision under any political pressure. Furthermore, in case of emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine, the infliction of additional standards will occur.

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