Donald Trump Slammed For COVID-19 Spread

Trump Slammed for COVID-19 spread
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Coronavirus pandemics have created chaos and stress in people. Lockdown duration was the most difficult time for the majority of the people. Everyone is adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemics. Governments work and design various SOPs. The SOPs are for people’s security. But unfortunately, President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Despite that, he continues his election campaign and social activities.

Elections In COVID-19

Elections are most likely to occur in November 2020. The future of the United States depends on elections as the winning party will be designing constitutions and laws. It is also peak time for eligible candidates to meet and greet supporters. Candidates are to participate in social meetings to speak for their aims about elections.

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Apart from being social, active candidates are to monitor their physical health as well. Due to coronavirus, the situation has become, somehow, difficult. Many people during the coronavirus died all because of a lack of policy-making strategy from the government.

Trump and the opposition party are making efforts to win elections. The pressure is getting higher on each party with every passing day.

Donald Trump Tested a Positive for COVID-19

Donald Trump has positive test results for COVID-19 and needs hospitalization at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for COVID-19. However, he has decided to go outside and visit supporters. According to the White House, President Trump, after waving through a motorcar ride, returned to his Presidential Suite inside Walter Reed.

Furthermore, the decision to go on a car ride to greet his supporters by waving from a certain distance was his own.

However, for the safety of the President, multiple agents were riding along with Trump in a car. Dr. James Phillips is an attending physician at Walter Reed. Via Twitter, he held Trump responsible for endangering the lives of Secret Service agents only for a few clicks. Furthermore, such irresponsible behavior is not only dangerous for the surrounding people but can worsen his health.

Other Political Members Affected By COVID-19

Coronavirus spreads from one individual to another quickly. Trump got positive test results for COVID-19, others in his surrounding area also got positive test results.

However, no one knows from whom they got infected with the virus. Furthermore, Hope Hicks, the former counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie are suffering from COVID-19.

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Furthermore, RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, and Melania Trump have also tested positive. Also, those who have had close contact with Trump have positive reports for COVID-19. Trump, via a video message expressing his feelings, said that he learned a lot about COVID-19. Moreover, he loves the USA and whatever is happening. He reported that he had an absorbing feeling about being tested positive for the COVID-19.

The Reaction Of The People Towards The Car Ride

People are outrageous about this move made by the President. He has been called a sociopath who is willing to kill others just for some clapping. According to Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald), on October 4, 2020, Trump is irresponsible.  Trump is infectious, requires ten days of isolation, and many Secret Service agents have already tested positive.

According to Megan Ranney October 4, 2020, Trump is a piece of garbage. Furthermore, there are no concerns about his health. Also, best wishes and concerns are only for Secret-service agents. The majority of the people disapprove of this act of Trump. Moreover, they care about Secret agents, who have to cope with President Trump. In doing so, they become victims of infection.

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