Smart Socks, A Bliss For The Diabetic Patients

Siren socks has ease diabetic patient's life
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Thanks to technology, you can now use washable smart socks that remotely monitor diabetes patients. As you know, diabetes is one of the leading causes of death around the globe. The monitoring of diabetic-patients is essential for survival. ‘Siren’ is a company that successfully develops washable smart socks that track the foot conditions of diabetic patients. It also helps in effectively monitoring diabetic patients.

Medical Devices For Patients

Diabetic patients need different types of medical devices for their monitoring and treatment. Medical devices mostly used include blood glucose monitors, syringes, insulin pens or pumps, and jet injectors. All of these devices enable the type-2-diabetic-patient to manage their insulin dosing and delivery. Blood glucose meter measures glucose in a small amount of your blood.

During the pandemic, the need for remote monitoring of patients arises. Thus, many multinational advanced companies like Current Health and Twistle teamed up to provide health care. These companies, along with health care professionals, work to make patient monitoring and treatment easy, remotely.

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An ABI research predicts that expenditure on Artificial intelligence in healthcare and pharmaceuticals will increase by $1.5 billion, by 2025, as a result of COVID-19.

Some other advanced smart socks include Owlet’s smart-socks for young children. These socks give information about the child’s heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, skin temperature, sleep position, and other vitals. Sensoria also sells smart socks that are composed of run-friendly fabric. These socks have infused sensors that record step count, speed, and calories burned.

Siren’s Smart Socks

Siren has made foot care very easy for diabetic patients. They are developing smart socks for diabetic patients, ensuring proper monitoring. Today the washable smart-socks have raised $9 million. CEO Ran Ma reports that Siren’s series B round will ensure the growth of the team. Furthermore, this extension of Siren’s series B-round will meet the demand for its product and services.

Sirens for accuracy ship replacement socks every six months. According to the company, its system follows Medicare and Medicaid guidelines. Moreover, remotely monitor diabetic patients. The company’s designed system provides 24-hour support for clinicians as well as patients. This system, together with Clinical population management and decision tools, fulfills its duties.

The CEO, Ran Ma, has a degree in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University-Fineberg School of Medicine. Ma worked with Siren’s founding team. Moreover, for the development of socks with foot monitoring systems. Smart-socks are capable of tracking foot temperature.

Temperature measurements occur via smart-socks at six different points. It also sends information to your doctor. Moreover, these socks enable you to track issues relating to inflammation. Smart-socks can also send an alert to your doctor regarding inflammation incidence, via the app as well as text.

Foot-Ulcers In Diabetic Patients

The United States National Institutes of Health recommends people with neuropathy check their feet daily for signs of injury. Moreover, check for wounds that can lead to ulcers, skin infections, and other conditions. A study, in the 2007 edition of the American Journal of Medicine, discovered that monitoring the temperature of the foot can improve ulcer-related outcomes by 87 percent.

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Diabetic foot ulcers occur in approximately 15 percent of patients with diabetes. Diabetic-foot-ulcer appears as an open sore or wound on the bottom of the foot. Of those who develop diabetic-foot-ulcers, 6 percent of them need hospitalization due to complications.

Thus, for proper foot care, precautionary measures are practiced. Also, this results in an increasing demand for products of Siren, particularly during pandemics.

According to Ma, the monthly subscription for the product of Siren rises 19 times while the number of patients with signed contracts increases by 340%. Thus far, the company could top 10 million this year.

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