Donald Trump: The Public Friendly Healthcare Policy

Donald Trump Healthcare plan in COVID-19

Healthcare is politically important. A news agency reports that President Donald Trump is planning to sign up for his healthcare program Thursday afternoon. The vision, pondering over the two serious issues. Both parties have a conflict of opinion on the Affordable Care Act.

President Trump wants to divert the attention of the population away from criticism of the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. In the six months since the coronavirus pandemic, about 200,000 Americans have died.

President Trump ensured that the new healthcare plan secures the rights of people suffering from pre-existing health. Moreover, the new healthcare policy claims to deal with the leading concerns of the population.

Furthermore, the main objective of the new healthcare policy is to decrease the anxiety of the public, already suffering from anxiety due to the outbreak of coronavirus. 

The Healthcare Plan

President Trump and Republicans claim to protect Americans. Yet Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar did not specify the terms by which they would secure Americans. But they are dissolving the Affordable Care Act, which safeguards Americans.

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According to Trump, some parts of his healthcare plan are in action. But the remaining proposal needs the Supreme Court’s approval. Part of his proposal includes implementing less-expensive alternatives to the Affordable Care Act. Reducing insulin costs for senior citizens and improving kidney health was also one of the main goals.

Trump reports in his speech that senior citizens will be receiving $200 cards. These cards will be available to them by the coming week and enable senior citizens to buy prescription drugs. Healthcare, which includes funding for these discount cards, will come from Medicare demonstration projects. 

The future of the healthcare program depends upon the final decision of the Supreme Court. One week after the presidential election, the court will hear oral arguments about the Affordable Care Act. Trump aims to dismantle Obamacare, but Biden wants to safeguard current healthcare policies.

Democrats And The Pre-Ezssxssxisting Affordable Care Act

Democrats were able to take control of the House in 2018 with a campaign to protect the pre-existing Affordable Care Act. Moreover, their defense of the law enables them to hold control of the House. Furthermore, they want to use the same tactics to win the Presidential elections.

Dismantling Obamacare will increase medical charges on people. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 54 million Americans have conditions rendering them uninsurable. 

Pre-existing laws regarding healthcare are beneficial to people. Thus, they protect people from restrictions of any type. Although President Trump has agreed to continue these protections, his actions speak otherwise.

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According to administration officials, healthcare through Obamacare does not provide the above protections. Furthermore, Trump’s alternative short-term health plans are more effective. Added to that, they also come with lower monthly premiums. Moreover, Trump aims to reduce drug prices and end surprise billing in his healthcare plan.

 President Trump is making efforts to protect health insurance. Thus it is possible to declare Obamacare unconstitutional. Some 38 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have already passed ballot measures to do so. 

Drug prices

The president aims to decrease drug prices. Reducing drug prices is one of the main promises made by Trump’s political party. Drug prices are high and have been America’s problem for a long time.  

To lower prescription drug prices, prescription drugs get imported from Canada. These drugs are cost-effective and are of high quality. Drug manufacturers within the state do not cooperate in lowering prescription drug prices.

However, a decrease in the rate of price growth occurred between 2015- 2019. Yet, prices of 857 drugs rise by 6.8% in the first half of 2020. This information is according to GoodRx. GoodRx follows several thousand brands and their generic medications.

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