Coffee, Even the Decaf Version, Can Make Colon Cancer Patients’ Conditions Better

coffee can provide relief to colon cancer patients
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Apart from coffee alerting your mind to giving you glowing skin, it can provide relief to the colon cancer patients to some extent. The new study, published on 17 September 2020 in the journal JAMA Oncology, further provides evidence to support the notion.

Coffee is the most beloved beverage among all. Whether it is decaf or not, it continuously supplies the body with myriad benefits. According to the study, people with colon cancer can now take up to 4 cups of this hot beverage to notice the significant changes in their condition.

Study Analysis

Mayo Clinic, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and researchers from different medical colleges did a collaborative study to observe the effects of coffee on colon cancer patients. The research is part of the clinical trial, and 1,171 patients took part in it.

After considering factors like age, gender, preference of milk or sugar in the coffee, race, and alcohol usage, researchers found coffee supporting a better survival rate. People who drank two to three cups of coffee every day had better outcomes than those who did not.

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What is more, the development slowed down, and the symptoms did not aggravate as much as the other group was facing. Consumption of coffee and its benefits have a direct relationship.

Four or more cups of coffee drinkers had a better chance of overcoming cancer and avoiding complications. The more interesting thing is that they had the same results on decaf and caffeinated drinks.

Pre-Existing Research Proves Coffee Benefits for Colon Cancer Patients

The results are not enough to create a link between the two. However, the association becomes pretty clear if the pre-existing researches supporting coffee for colon cancer patients is added.

There are several studies that prove the benefits of a moderate intake of coffee, including its efforts to lower cancer risk. The evidence also says that coffee can boost metabolism and provide protection against several cardiovascular diseases.

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After much work, researchers specifically analyzed the benefits of coffee for colon cancer patients. As per the 2015 and 2017 study, coffee also has the potential to make a condition in the early non-metastatic colon cancer stage better.

Coffee has such protective effects because it is a rich source of antioxidants and can regulate insulin levels, says research.

Coffee is not a Treatment and Can Only Give Symptom Alleviation

It will bring a significant advancement in the health care system if the hypothesis comes out to be true. Research reports a continuous rise in colon cancer cases from the last decade, especially in young adults.

Those people whose families have ever had cancer are at risk of developing one too. Adults above 50 and the ones living in poor hygienic conditions should get regular screenings to make a timely prognosis of the disease.

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There is a need for large scale studies and more research to study the effects of coffee on colon cancer in detail. The researchers assert that making this research public does not mean that people solely start relying on it as a treatment.

Dr. Kimmie Ng, in a press release, creates awareness that even though coffee is not a cure for the disease now, a high intake of it would not harm the body and instead can be helpful. Dr. Kimmie Ng is the lead author of the study and co-director of the colon and rectal cancer at Dana-Farber.

The researchers conclude by saying this is not the final research.  There is a need of more constructive work to determine if there is any relation between the two or not. And if it is, which compounds make it have this potential benefit.

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