Wary of Traditional Push Ups? Spice Up Your Exercise Regimen With These Alternatives

Exercise Alternatives to Traditional Push Ups

Pushups are an effective workout targeting various body muscles. Before getting into a sweat, adopt these alternatives to pushups to strengthen your body muscles. An essential upper body exercise, pushups, aids in improving posture, stability, and balance. Unfortunately, they are not the best available option to adopt at the spur of the moment if you are a beginner.

Wrong Exercise Worsens Your Health

Pushups may worsen the pain or injury when done in the wrong way. Thus, building power and stability before getting into a sweat is a necessity. To achieve strength and good power, one must start by various alternatives to pushups.

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There are many effective ways out there to help you target muscles. Thus improving health or healing injuries. Being a beginner, start with the alternatives to pushups to activate your muscles. Try these alternatives if suffering from an injury, particularly in the back, shoulders, or wrist.

High Plank Push ups

High plank is the best workout for strengthening muscles of the shoulder and upper back. Moreover, it improves the core muscles, wrist, and improves body posture.

High plank is an essential exercise for maintaining balance, stability, and alignment. Thus, train your body for pushups.

Try adopting various plank variations, starting with less time duration to cope with workout severity.

Side Plank Push ups

Side planks aid in improving endurance and stability. Added to that, it helps to attain a good posture. Furthermore, side planks train each side of the body individually. Thus maintaining alignment.

Side planks must be done at different time durations, starting with less time. Various pro tips for side planks help ease the exercise.

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This exercise targets various body muscles, for instance, the triceps, back, abdominal muscles. Moreover, it also targets the glutes and leg muscles.

The Support Exercise – Offset Single-Arm Dumbbell Chest Press

If you’re under the urge to build muscular endurance or a correct muscle imbalance, this exercise is the best available option. Moreover, this exercise improves movement patterns without stressing the wrists.

As this exercise requires support, it strengthens the muscles of the shoulders and core. Moreover, stabilize the buttocks.

Trying this workout at different variations of time lessens its severity.

Various body muscles are targeted by this exercise. The muscles include the pectorals, triceps, and core. Furthermore, it improves shoulder stability and targets glutes muscles.

Standing Dumbbell Rotational Punches 

Dumbbell rotational punches aim to improve balance, agility, and endurance. Added to that, it tones your shoulders, arms, and torso.

If the wrist is the point of concern, this exercise is the best choice available. Moreover, this suits those people who can only exercise on one side of their body.

Skip adding weight for ease and perfect yourself for it.

This exercise targets the muscles of the triceps, core, and latissimus dorsi. Moreover, it also stabilizes the shoulders.

Traditional Bench Press Exercise

Last but not least, the alternative to pushups is the traditional bench press. If you are looking for exercises to build your upper body, this exercise ends your search. This classic exercise is particularly beneficial if evading strain on the wrist.

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Moreover, it improves muscular endurance and body posture. The targeted muscles are the anterior deltoids, pectorals, and triceps. Furthermore, it also targets the trapezius muscles.

Key takeaways 

The current level of fitness of an individual decides how long it will take to build up to doing full pushups. The key is to remain consistent. Added to it, set an appropriate duration and intensity of the exercise to get good results.

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