Physiotherapist Warns Against Practicing Hacks That Could Worsen Back Pain

Physiotherapist aids relieve Back pain
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Back pain is a rising health problem in the world. Backache affects people of all ages, especially those working in a closed office environment. The causes remain unknown and vary from individual to individual.

An Australian physiotherapist recently gave a piece of advice to stop practicing the ten hacks that are capable of causing work-related back pain. Working out with your body enables you to avoid the probability of developing back pain issues.

The Chronic Backache

Back pain, or more precisely low back pain, is a fundamental cause of disability. It affects work performance and physical activity in general. It can be acute, sub-acute, or chronic pain. Multiple reasons for backache include occupational posture, stress, depression, obesity, age, and body height. The origin of the ache can be ligaments, joints, and muscles.

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Moreover, lower backache is probably the leading cause of work limitations and work absence. It results in a negative impact on the economy. It imposes a high financial burden on individuals, families, communities, industries, and government.

A survey in the U.S. makes it evident that more than 100 million workdays loss occurs per year due to the backache of workers. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 70-90 percent of Australians will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Furthermore, most physicians prescribe analgesics for backache. Other treatment options include physical therapy, rehabilitation, and spinal manipulation. Disc surgery remains the last option.

Steps to relieve you from Back Pain

Scott Coleman is a physiotherapist at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. He shared his top ten tips to avoid backaches at work that he felt were the need of the hour. During the prevailing pandemic, everyone was working from home for long hours, along with changing work routines. It increases the incidence of backache in individuals.

Avoiding backache posture is very important. A bad posture not only causes backache but also affect an individual’s personality. But bad posture is not always the reason for back pain. Moreover, sitting in such a posture that the body is not habitual of results in backache.

Due to the overloading of muscles, you experience deep aches or stiffness in your body muscles. To get rid of such pain, you need to change your posture, stretch your muscles or joints.

Doing some movement heat also relieves muscle ache. Movement is essential for muscle strength and growth. Overloading and under-loading both cause back pain. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is vital for muscle life.

Office Environment and the Pain It Can Give To Your Back

Working continuously on a computer for several hours leads to stiffness in the upper back. It results in pain in the neck and back region. Try to keep upper back or thoracic spine loose. Rolling up a towel nice and tight and then laying on your back relaxes your thoracic spine. Try to be in this position for 20-30 seconds. Practice it every working day after work.

Having an ergonomic office is very healthy for physical and mental health. It will increase work performance as well. Try to build a smoothening office environment according to your body.

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During the pandemics, while working from home, every worker has a different suitable environment. You can replicate such a comfortable environment in your office to avoid back pain. Choose a chair according to your height. Place the screen at eye level to prevent eye straining.

Activation of core muscles is also a technique helpful for preventing back pain.

Added to it, you can also install the ‘Office Coach’ app. The app provides alerts for slouching and stretching alerts. Stretch alerts reduce the risk of back pain associated with sustained posture. The app also counts steps and monitors physical activity to encourage movement throughout the day.

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