Affordable Care Act In Jeopardy After Ginsburg’s death

Affordable Care Act In Jeopardy After Ginsburg’s death
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 in the The future of the Affordable Care Act depends upon a pending Supreme Court decision. This issue has influenced American politics for the whole of last decade. It will be the central focus of the presidential campaign. The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg occurred due to pancreatic cancer on 18th September 2020.

The Affordable Care Act was a subject always favored by Justice Ruth. Ever since her death, the selection of her successor has become a political dogfight.

Affordable Care Act and 2020 Elections

Due to the pandemic, people are more concerned about health insurance, health coverage, and protection from the virus. Biden aims to make the ‘Affordable Care Act’ policies more affordable, particularly for the middle-class American population.

Biden aims to make government-run insurance plans by the name of ‘public option’. The plan would provide broad coverage similar to policies on the Obama-care exchanges.

Both political parties are speaking of their goals and views regarding the Affordable Care Act. The final decision will be that of the supreme court thus the selection of a judge is an important issue that will affect the passing or rejection of the Act.

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A week after the election, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the case.

In the mid-term elections, health care was a key issue that helped in propelling the majority of Democrats to the House. Biden campaign and its allies want to replicate that approach to win elections in November 2020.

Biden, in a speech at the National Constitution Center, said that Trump is trying to take away health care relief from tens of millions of families in the shape of Affordable Care Act. This will badly affect 100 million Americans with pre-existing health conditions.

Biden in his address call for Senate to wait until the elections, for the nomination of the successor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The voters should select the president, then the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider. This might give the candidates a say in what will be the future of Affordable Care Act.

The Successor to Justice Ginsberg – The Deciding Vote

Biden proposes that if Trump wins, the Senate should weigh in on the nominee fairly. But if he wins, he would withdraw President Trump’s nominee. And as the new President, Biden himself will be the one to nominate the nominee for Justice Ginsberg’s successor.

Biden’s campaign is regularly coordinating. A Biden campaign aide told CNN that meetings regarding the Supreme Court vacancy are being held with Democratic leadership and the House. Biden, Harris, and their staff are actively in contact with them.

However, Trump stated at a campaign rally in North Carolina that he will be choosing a Supreme Court nominee next week. According to him, the nominee will be a woman. No specific timetable has yet been announced for holding a Senate vote. However, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to hold a Senate vote. The final verdict regarding the Affordable Care Act will be decided afterwards.

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Biden is a former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He appealed to Senate Republicans to follow their conscience. His advice was not to vote in circumstances such as those created by President Trump and Senator McConnell. 

The Trump campaign called for Biden to release a list of possible Supreme Justices as the President has done. Biden, however, refused to do so before the election. This is because he doesn’t want anyone on the list to be the subject of unwanted attacks. Black or not, the Affordable Care Act has its future at the hands of the Supreme Court until the case is decided.

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