Why Choose Breastfeeding Over Formula Milk?

breastfeeding: benefits of breast milk over formula milk
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The trend of breastfeeding has increased in the past few years. Breast milk develops after giving birth, even if it is a stillbirth. Some fail to have the experience if the newborn is lactose intolerant or has slow sucking reflexes.

Health specialists recommend breastfeeding over formula milk due to various reasons. If you are looking forward to feeding your healthy baby with formula milk, here are some reasons that may change your mind.

Seeing your baby fastening over the breast for milk is the most most beautiful and satisfying sight to see. Apart from being a nourishing food, it creates a strong bond between the mother and a baby. What is more, close contact with the baby can help stimulate taste, voice, and smell receptors. The warmth creates a sense of security in the baby.

Why is Breastfeeding a Blessing for Babies?

Since everyone wants their baby to grow and develop healthily, it is extremely important to pick the right food for them. In the initial years of growth, nothing can beat the benefits of breastfeeding milk.

If you are wondering as to what is the reason of your baby crying over colic pain, diarrhea, constipation, or disturbed bowel movements, let me tell you it is due to the bottle formula you are giving them.

Breastfeeding is preferred over formula milk as the digestive system is not so well developed. It can easily break down into simple components and excrete out of the body without causing any health issues.

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Breast milk is packed with antibodies to provide immunity to the baby against pathogens, polio, intestinal, and respiratory infections. Breast milk comprises of essential fats and proteins to ensure healthy brain growth. Moreover, it also has the potency to prevent allergies, including eczema and asthma.

Breast milk always remains at the right temperature to support the painless jaw and tooth development. Not to forget, the baby would have fewer chances of developing of nappy rash. In adulthood, it would prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and malnutrition.

How Can Breastfeeding Benefit Mother?

Many people perceive breastfeeding as not a public thing and repulsive. You are not doing anything wrong while breastfeeding your baby in public. It is not only a source of nutrition for the baby. Baby latching on to breasts creates a strong mother-baby bonding.

Breastfeeding causes the production of oxytocin that can cause uterus contraction and minimal bleeding. This would help the body heal faster and go back to its pre-pregnant phase.

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Breastfeeding the baby would help to reduce the risk of breast cancer before menopause. Moreover, it is readily available that is you do not have to carry bottles of milk with yourself while traveling. What is more, formula milk is expensive and time-consuming.

Need to Upkeep Breast Milk Drive

Many mothers die during the delivery process leaving behind a baby deprived of his basic food. To help such babies and families, the South African Breast Milk Reserve always welcomes new mothers to contribute to their Breast Milk Drive.

They help new mothers who are looking for ways to build their own breast milk bank as far as possible. However, they prefer donors to have a hygienic environment, a well-working fridge or a freezer, and a healthy body. It is a purely humanitarian service, and thus, does not ask for any return.

You can currently find breast milk banks in Johannesburg and Durban. Mothers willing to donate can contact them for information or find banks in their region on www.sabr.org.za.

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