The Latest Trend: Why are BodyBuilders Feeding on Breast Milk to Build Muscles?

bodybuilders using breast milk to build muscles
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Nutritionists and health specialists recommend breastfeeding for newborns instead of the bottle feed. The antibiotics and nutrients in breast milk are essential for a newborn to grow and develop his system well. It is a well defined primary nutrition, which is now being consumed by many adults for its health benefits. As much as crazy it sounds, bodybuilders are feeding on breast milk to build muscles.

Can Breast Milk Really Help Build Muscles?

According to an anonymous report, people now prefer drinking breast milk to strengthen and build muscles than taking oral injections or oral supplements.

It became a trend from a Netflix docuseries (UnWell). JJ Ritenour, a bodybuilder in the series, encouraged people to use breast milk for its impressive benefits. He argued that if adjusting his diet according to a growing baby would help him get fit and extract the best out of it, then why should he not follow it.

Its popularity did not only come to the surface because of the series. The idea has been adopted by many for its nutrient-dense content. People believe it is as healthy for adults as for babies. However, the opinions may differ after the researchers have started working on it.

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Yes, breast milk does contain essential nutrients, but that is only healthy for a baby, and not a grown-up adult. Bodybuilders who do not want to use steroids considering its side effects, they switch to breast milk. Many of them use it to have the same peak of energy and good calories the newborn gets.

What is more, several people believe it to be also useful in controlling weight. Elisa Zied, a certified dietitian and nutritionist in New York, asserts that up until now, there is no such research or study that can support breast milk protective benefits for adults.

Where Else Can It Be Used in Healthcare?

The American Pregnancy Association calls for breast milk to contain an ideal portion of fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins for the healthy growth of a newborn. However, in the case of adults, things may differ.

The approach a baby takes to use the constituents of breast milk differs from the way an adult does. The breakdown and assimilation processes of the nutrients are very different in both the growths of life.

Other than building muscles, according to some researchers, in adults, it may prove to help treat Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and autism.

What are the Safety Concerns for Adults Consuming Breast Milk?

Apart from concentrating on whether it is helpful to build muscles or not, another focus point should be its availability. As the trend among men (bodybuilders) has especially increased, the online market for sale and purchase of breast milk has taken the place.

Researchers believe selling online bottles of it will do more harm than benefit. A 2015 report , which now appears in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, the authors explain the risk factors of buying the raw milk online.

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Dr. Sarah Steele of the Queen Mary University of London, the author of the research, says that the milk does not fulfill the clinical standards and is of no good use. It does not serve the benefits it is promising online.

Purchasing breast milk online is risky as it may be stale and spoiled, causing digestive problems in adults. It would never benefit the other person as he wants.

The Bottom Line

Consumption of breast milk by adults can not give fruitful results. It should not even be used by bodybuilders until a health professional says to do it. Besides going for steroids or such marketing tactics, the key to building muscles is to have a healthy diet plan and do strengthening exercises accordingly.

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