Low-Carb Or Low-Fat, Which Diet Regime is More Effective For Weight Loss?

low-carb diet or lo-fat diet for weight loss
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On a weight loss goal, it is common to get attracted to different kinds of diets. However, the idea of losing weight by completely eliminating any macronutrient from the diet is difficult yet disturbing for many. Low- fat diet and low-carb diet are the two diet plans popular for their claims to serve the body with a myriad of benefits. However, the main thing is to choose the right plan for your body. Read on to know if a low-carb diet beats a low-fat diet, or if it is the other way round.

Low-Carb Diet versus Low-Fat Diet for Weight Loss

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California revealed both of the diet giving the same results. The researchers followed 600 obese individuals who opted for either a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet. After a one-year analysis, researchers found both the diets equally effective enough for a weight loss.

Another study of 56 type II diabetes patients found the low-carb diet comparatively more useful in increasing insulin sensitivity, controlling blood sugar levels, and aiding weight loss than a low-fat diet.

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Improving insulin sensitivity results in better absorption of sugar by cells and helps in normalizing blood sugar levels. This mechanism is indirectly also helpful in easing the weight loss journey.

One more study, constituting 31 individuals on comparing both the diet plans, preferred the low-carb diet to be more fruitful in reducing the circulating insulin.

All in all, research suggests a low-carb diet to be more beneficial than a low-fat diet for a short-term weight loss, reduction in appetite, and abdominal fat loss.

Calorie Deficit is the Key to Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss is all about staying in a calorie deficit. One can attain it through both a low-fat diet and a low-carb diet.

All you need to lose weight is count your caloric intake and the amount you are burning it through different exercises. So, it does not matter what type of diet exactly you are following.

People choose diet plans according to their own ease and preference. However, following a specific kind of diet is boring. And this is why many people fail to stick to their weight loss goals and track. Cutting down on a macronutrient completely from the diet can lead a person to malnutrition and make the body weak.

Before following any specific diet plan, you must know that not all carbs and fats are unhealthy. Learn to differentiate between unsaturated fats (healthy) and saturated unhealthy fats. Also, the category for good carbs includes vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

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To lose weight: it is important to reduce the intake of both unhealthy fats and carbs. With calories under check, moderation is the key to shedding pounds.

Effect on Overall Health

Apart from only working for weight loss, a low-carb diet and low-fat diet serve the body with other additional benefits.


Despite the fact the low-fat diet, especially the keto diet, is popular and a trend among the models, the low-carb diet is more beneficial. Before adopting any diet, it is recommended to consult a dietician and discuss your health issues. Apart from dieting, for an effective weight loss, it is vital to consider other lifestyle modifications too.

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