UK Charity Now Allows Blood Pressure Monitors Availablity On Prescription to Reduce Stroke

blood pressure monitors to reduce risk of stroke
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The UK Charity is now willing to prescribe blood pressure monitors to hypertensive patients or those who have recently survived a stroke. They believe this could help them to cut down the increasing mortality rate due to stroke or heart attack.

The Blood Pressure UK believes the availability of blood pressure monitors to homes as an effective way to save lives and avoid stress on the healthcare system. Taking control of the condition would eventually help to slash the need for GP surgeries.

Blood Pressure for the Majority is Out of Control

The concern for the charity rose when, in a survey of more than 20 000 people, only 32% started to exercise, and 29% adopted healthy eating in the lockdown.

Despite the changes made, 66% of them cited how blood pressure is not a subject of concern for them. Out of which, 60% explained that it is because they currently do not have any issues with it.

42% of participants diagnosed with high blood pressure grabbed the charity’s attention when 48% of them were unsure about controlling it.

Since high blood pressure is a major silent killer in the UK, people should regularly use blood pressure monitors. In this way, the ones who have high blood pressure would be able to take better care of themselves and make necessary adjustments to their lifestyle.

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In spite of the link between severe COVID-19 symptoms and high blood pressure, 50% of the population is still not sure if they would check their blood pressure regularly. Almost 6.5 million people remain undiagnosed due to high blood pressure.

Need for Blood Pressure Monitors on Prescription

One in three people in the UK has high blood pressure. Out of which, most are young in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Due to poor habits and lifestyles, many youngsters these days are getting prone to several infectious and deadly diseases.

A few factors contributing to increased blood pressure is putting on excessive weight and taking too much salt. A poor lifestyle, including less workout and use of vegetables and fruits, are other factors in increasing the number of hypertensive patients.

Increased blood pressure causes unnecessary tension in the heart muscles, making the person prone to several cardiovascular diseases.

Experts assure that regular checking of blood pressure can help cut down the mortality rate and demand for emergency supplies. It is one of the important steps to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other deadly diseases.

The charity, therefore, is working to include the blood pressure monitor on prescription for those who are in most need. As in these pandemic situations, such steps are key to reduce the loss and prolong the time for a hospital visit.

A Way for Financial Relief to the NHS

The charity asks for the availability of blood pressure monitors to be used in the same way as glucose monitors for type II diabetes patients.

MacGregor is a lecturer in cardiovascular medicine at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and an honorary consultant at Barts and the London.

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He asserts how allowing people to check their blood pressure at home would help the NHS save millions of pounds. The stress on GP surgeries, nurses, and long-term care for patients having a stroke and heart attack would greatly reduce.

Purchasing blood pressure monitors in bulk quantity would help drop its cost to £15 for each monitor. MacGregor advises sending the blood pressure records via email or call instead of visiting GPs. Investment costs are small, and savings are huge on using blood pressure monitors at home.

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