Want Long and Shinier Hair Curls? Eat these Nine Foods to Boost Overall Hair Health

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Who does not wants thick and soft hair; almost everyone yearns for it. However, it is not so easy to get them without getting proper nutrition. In this article, you will get to know about nine foods recommended by Dr. Ruxton to improve overall hair health and boost your confidence.

  1. Poultry

Lack of essential proteins in the hair can cause the strands to become brittle, and in some worse cases, color loss.

Dr. Carrie Ruxton, an award-winning and certified nutritionist, recommends using a lot of turkeys, eggs, chicken, and all those vitamin B complex rich sources to nourish the hair follicles and ensure healthy hair health.

  1. Wholegrain

Almost all whole grains are a treasure-trove of certain vitamin B, iron, and zinc. Bread and cereal are the two most commonly used forms of whole grain. Zinc is an essential element for hair health as it regulates the production of several hair thickness-related hormones.

Even though there is a need for more research, emphasizes Dr. Ruxton, but a study found millet to have powerful effects on hair growth.

  1. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Including dark green leafy vegetables in the diet is important for health, especially if you are concerned about your hair health. Spinach and broccoli are rich sources of vitamin A and C to regulate sebum production. It prevents hair from drying and getting frizzy. Consider using avocado, olive, or flaxseed oil to get more benefits.

  1. Beef

Along with oysters and lamb meat, beef is a healthy alternative to supplements for ensuring overall hair health.

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Beef brims with zinc, a source of powerful antioxidants to get shinier and soft hair locks. People, especially women, have started avoiding red meat because of its related health concerns. Dr. Ruxton recommends an intake of lean red meat by around 500g or below, which covers five portions of a pack of cards.

  1. Dairy

A good amount of dairy a day or week is a lifesaver for overall hair health. Dairy has all the important amino acids to boost air growth. Cottage cheese, traditional yogurt, or greek yogurt are few easily accessible options to get casein and whey for your hair health. These are some essential proteins to maintain hair growth and strength.

  1. Carrots

Apart from boosting vision, carrots can help stimulate shiny hair growth. Vegetables rich in vitamin A are perfect for conditioning hair and keeping a healthy production of natural oils.

Foods that are rich in carotenoids guards the skin against the sun and free radical damage. Such foods include oranges, spinach, red peppers, tomatoes, yellow peppers, and apricots.

  1. Bananas

Lack of vitamin B6 in the body can cause hair to lose its shine and health. You can overcome the thinning of your hair by nourishing your meals and snacks with bananas. Other rich sources of vitamin B6 are pork, lamb’s liver, and soya beans.

  1. Oily Fish

Oily fish are a perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids. You must have heard many people take supplements to get better hair health.

Salmon and mackerel are two oily fishes, which brims with iron and vitamin B12 to prevent hair loss. Iron has many vital functions from the body, from producing hemoglobin and transporting oxygen to boosting the immune system.

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Low iron levels in the body can cause severe damage to hair follicles. Many women have an iron deficiency, which can be overcome by a full glass of orange juice daily.

  1. Cinnamon

Are not cinnamon buns love? Here is another reason you should include this sweet, a bit spicy, and woody aroma to your diet. Apart from giving a glowing skin, cinnamon works well for hair health. It boosts the blood circulation and supplies vital nutrients to the scalp.

Adeena Tariq Lari
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