A Straw To The Drowning – Liquified Diet Forces Diabetes Into Remission

A Straw To The Drowning - Liquified Diet Forces Diabetes Into Remission
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Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease. If it is not treated on time, it damages the vital organs of the body. Diabetics have a bad influence on work, as well as limiting their social activities. 

It demands strict monitoring of the individuals’ blood glucose. Added to that, diabetics must follow the dose regimen cautiously. 

With recent research, scientists came up with the idea that using a low-calorie diet can aid in remission of type 2 diabetes. It is evident from the findings that a liquid diet helps cure diabetes effectively. 

Staying healthy is vital, especially during coronavirus pandemics. You need to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes, which is interlinked. And both increase the risk of complications from COVID-19. 

Insulin, An Essential Element to Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is of two types. Various parameters discriminate type 1 diabetes from that of type 2. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. But type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity, is a metabolic disease. In it, a level of glucose becomes extremely high in the blood due to insulin intolerance. 

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Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells of the islet of the Pancreas. This hormone is responsible for the uptake of glucose from the blood and its absorption into the body. 

The inability of its production and decreased performance along with certain other problems lead to diabetes. Hence, diabetes and insulin deficiency come hand in hand to some extent. 

The Many Sufferings Of Diabetics

Diabetics experience excessive thirst, delays in the healing of wounds, frequent excessive urination, and tiredness. The condition can get serious if not treated, leading to heart attack, kidney failure, or stroke. 

Added to that, the patient may suffer from foot ulcers, blindness, and limb amputation. 

Furthermore, it increases the risk of fetal death and lifelong health issues. Around the globe, 422 million people are victims of diabetes.  

How Has Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Diabetes Patients?

The risk of complications of coronavirus increases if that person is also a diabetic. The chances of drug interaction increase which can result in further damage to patients’ health. So to control blood sugar levels and improve health during pandemics, the NHS has proposed a solution. 

The NHS – the National Health Service – offers a shaky diet to fight type 2 diabetes. With this soup-and-shake diet, thousands of more people in England with type 2 diabetes will get a chance to lose weight for free. You can also put type 2 into remission. 

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As in the pandemic, social distancing is the need of the hour. People are facing a financial crisis. Some have lost their jobs. Thus, they cannot buy medicines for diabetes treatment, especially in low-income countries. 

However, a bowl of healthy, nutrient-rich soup and shake diet plan is comparatively economical and effective for the treatment of diabetes. As it helps the patient to get off their burden of medicines.  

The Discovery Of The Diabetes Combating Magical Drink 

The NHS considers those type 2 diabetic patients who have been diagnosed with the condition in the last six years. And also they have an unhealthy weight. Such patients are given shakes and soups, and after some months they achieve the desired weight. 

They are now eating solid foods as well. Almost half of these patients, given a liquid diet, successfully achieve remission from their type 2 diabetics after a year. 

Prof. Jonathan Valabhji is the NHS’s national clinical director for diabetes and obesity. He reports that the NHS is rapidly adopting the latest evidence-based treatments. With their long term plans, they are now able to help people stay well and avoid major diseases.

The first patient to benefit from a diet plan loses over 10kg of body weight. Added to that, it also achieves remission of type 2 disease within only six weeks. 

After successful results, patients need no medication. It changes the mindset of the patient for the better. Their eating habits and shopping habits alter and become far healthier.

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