Prevention Plan for Heart Disease: Six Ways to Reduce the Risk of CVD

heart disease

In the goal to enjoy life, there are many people who do not pay much attention to their heart health. According to the CDC, every 37 seconds, a person dies due to heart disease in the US.

What is even more dreadful: The CDC reports an average expenditure of $219 billion every year on CVD. Almost everyone wants to keep their little organ in work for years to come. To make things easier for you, here are six ways you can work for letting your heart stay healthy in old age too and avoid death from heart disease.

1. Say No to Smoking

There are hundreds of reasons why you should quit smoking today. Even passive smoking is a huge risk for heart disease, myocardial infarction, and death. Around one-fourth of all reported CVD deaths are due to smoking. This evidence is enough to realize the adverse effects of smoking.

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2. A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet with a low intake of saturated fats is a perfect way to keep the heart in a healthy condition. Saturated and trans fats tend to deposit in the blood vessels, restricting the blood flow.

The diet should be rich in fiber, vitamins, fruits, vegetables to supply the heart muscles with essential nutrients. There is a need for an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates too. Reduce your sodium intake to stabilize your blood pressure.

3. Cut Back on Your Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol is addicting. But since everything only works well until it does not exceed its warning line, alcohol and beer intake should also be moderately used. Otherwise, it could increase the risk of heart disease.

Due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, triglyceride levels can dramatically increase to exert pressure on the heart muscles. This could lead to myocardial infarction and early death.

4. Try Aerobic Exercises

Practicing some cardio twice a week can help you get some noticeable results. Exercise is an important key to ensure your heart is supplied every time with fresh blood and nutrients.

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You can pick anyone or two of your favorite aerobic exercises to spend at least 150 minutes on it weekly. Biking, swimming, and brisk walking can help you be energetic, boost blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, cater mood swings, and lower chances of heart disease.

Strength training does not have a direct relationship with heart health. However, to get an all-rounder body, you should try to fully fill the target of at least 75 minutes of strength training weekly. Strength training works to lower cholesterol and melt off abdominal fat.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

A key aspect of ensuring heart health in the long-term is to maintain a healthy weight. Many people struggle with their belly fat. It can be hard to shed it off. However, setting up healthy heart health as your motivation can help you to work even harder and get rid of the fat. This way, apart from the clothes hanging better on your body, you can reduce the risk of your heart disease.

6. Do Not Ignore the Major Risk Factors

There are several risk factors you need to keep an eye on them on and off to ensure your heart stays healthy. Many people would not know about their fluctuation in cholesterol and blood pressure until they get a test done. It is important to track your cholesterol levels every one of a few months.

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Robert Gerken, an officer at Newport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, asks people to measure blood pressure at home regularly even if it usually stays within a healthy range. Artery shape and diameter tend to change with age, making people more prone to heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

The Bottom Line

The heart is an essential organ to live a healthy life. Therefore, you need to quit smoking and change your lifestyle to look after your heart health at every stage of your life.

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