Not all Mattresses Last 7 to 10 Years – Here is How to Tell the Life Span of Yours

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One of the most widely used areas at home to relax is a couch or your bed. Therefore, it is important to make a quality investment while buying mattresses. Or, you would continue to suffer even in your bed.

You must have heard of companies selling their mattresses under the mark of seven to ten years. Do you believe it? You must be wise enough if you do not, as it is only a marketing tactic for many. The life of mattresses can vary largely.

Three Ways to Predict the Life Span of Your Mattresses

Here are three ways you can know how long your new mattresses will last.

1. The Type of Mattress You Have

How long your mattress will last highly depends on the type you have kept.

  • Polyfoam, latex, and memory foams last for at least ten years.
  • Innerspring mattresses do not go more than four to six years. Also, Innerspring beds should not be a top priority while purchasing as its spring tends to break before the ten-year guarantee.
  • Waterbeds or air mattresses cannot bear weight more than 200 pounds as they may pop. These mattresses are the least reliable and do not last long.

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2. Check Your Sleep Duration

The American Sleep Association (ASA) recommends using mattresses for only nine years if they are in continuous use. The life span may exceed if it is in the guest room or used by a child.

3. Know about the Weight Your Mattress Supports

Jonathan S. Kirschner is an MD, RMSK, and a psychiatrist at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He asserts that the standard life of seven to ten years for a mattress may drop if it supports 250 pounds or more than that daily.

There is nothing to worry about. If this is the case, you can go for a latex mattress or the ones with thicker foams.

Time to Change Your Mattress

If you are experiencing joint or back pain, it is a warning sign for you to change your mattress position or buy a new one. An older mattress can cause several health issues, including strokes.

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An old mattress can cause asthma and flares up. Spring poking out or sagginess is a clear symbol for you to change the mattresses. If continued, it may cause spinal misalignment.

A 2002 research in Northern Norway found mites waste in 40.5% mattresses, which did not have a cover sheet. The findings appear in the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Also, change the mattress if you find any mold or bed bugs in your mattress.

Which Mattress to Choose and How to Prolong its Life?

The best way to choose a mattress is to first know about your sleeping position. Kirschner discourages the use of a firmer mattress for the people who sleep on their side. It would be uncomfortable for them as it would not allow them to sink in their shoulders and adjust their vertebral column.

Many back or stomach sleepers prefer a firmer mattress. Purchasing a mattress with a refund policy is a smart choice.

Has your friend recommended that you buy a latex mattress rather than a spring one? Wait, let me tell you something: The type of mattress you use does not affect your sleep, says a 2011 study in Biological Rhythm Research. All that matters is whether your mattress is new and comfortable enough to support your sound sleep or not.

To increase the life span of your mattresses, ASA advises rotating the mattress every few months to prevent sagging. A mattress protector would further add layers of protection to your mattresses. The key to keeping your mattress up to date is to protect it from mold, dust bugs, or mildew.

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