Can You Truly Freeze Your Fat Away With Cool-Sculpting?


Cool-sculpting is an innovative procedure that delivers incredible results and is absolutely non-obtrusive. It’s famous for the individuals who are hoping to refine and shape their figures without the involvement of any surgical instruments, allowing them to resume their day to day routine.

Moreover, in 2010, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it as a reliable procedure, generating its popularity.

The technique involves the freezing of fat cells in the body. The doctor utilizes little implements with vacuums attached. This allows the clinician to suck the fatty tissues into a cup, where they are solidified and crystallized. The fat cells are then, expelled from the body. The general effects take two or three weeks to show.


Researchers have given cryolipolysis, the process of freezing fat cells, its brand name, cool-sculpting. It was first introduced in 2009 by Rox Anderson and associates at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US. Anderson, who is also a professor in dermatology at Harvard Medical School, presented himself as one of the primary subjects.

They performed examinations on animals, and eventually on humans. At times, things looked very encouraging and trans-formative but on some occasions, it seemed as though it may never work out. But eventually, their hard work paid off.

He says he’s missing one of his extra layers from having treated himself a decade ago. However. he emphasizes on the evident effects to this day. Without any sort of anesthetics or analgesics, this procedure is easily carried out in a safe clinical setting.

Cryolipolysis works by freezing fat tissue to a temperature at almost 0°C. This causes the fat molecules in the tissue to begin crystallizing, where they go from a liquid to a solid-state.

Consequently, this produces pressure on the cells that contain a great deal of those fats and encourage the cells to pass on. At that point, the body normally processes them away.

Cryolipolysis as a treatment is basic, said Anderson. There are no medications, radiation, or the involvement of any surgical procedures. You just cautiously freeze tissue off to a safe temperature for a while so that the cells that have huge amounts of fats in them begin to die.

The possible drawbacks

Specialists also warn that this procedure, despite its precedence, does not always come without its drawbacks, specifically post-treatment wounds, swelling and also, numbness. The swelling and the wounds go down after about seven days but, the fatigue can stay for around three weeks, or even more.

There’s additionally a 2% possibility of experiencing pain in nerves which can last about seven days. Or then again you could be a ‘non-responder’.

Following this, there’s a minute possibility of paradoxical hyperplasia, where the pocket of fat develops. Researchers consider paradoxical adipose hyperplasia responsible for an uncommon occasion that results after a cryolipolysis treatment. In this condition, the served area expands as opposed to smaller in the weeks after the method, leaving a “pain-free, obviously broadened, hard, very much differentiated mass” under the skin.

Specialists addressed that the logical investigations demonstrated it was commonly a compelling approach to dispose of little pockets of fat. However, if you think you’re a decent contender for it, cool-sculpting has a few advantages over other fat-disposal methods.

Fat cells solidified by Cool-sculpting stay away forever in the light of the fact that the body kills them. It’s a non-invasive method and no scars show up after the treatment. Furthermore, there is also no necessary rest or improvement time prescribed by the doctors.