Weight Loss: The Ultimate Exercises To Do At Home To Lose Belly Fat

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Usually, burning belly fat is a big challenge. Yet, it is a very common goal for people. Exercise and a healthy diet help in the process.

Belly Fat is Hard to Eliminate

Caley Crawford is Director of Education for Row House and NASM CPT. She believes that reducing belly fat is the most difficult thing as compared to reduce inches in other parts of the body.

She says that we think that sit-ups can help regarding flat stomach. But it is also linked with a diet plan. An excellent diet is necessary along with exercise to lose fat from the body.

According to Mayo Clinic, ‘age’ and ‘gene’ also participate in the process. Where the fat is stored partially depends on them. That is why balanced diet (with little carbohydrates) is necessary along with exercise to beat the fats.

Full-body Strengthening Will Fire Up Your Core

Core-specific exercises such as dragonfly, plank and hip lift, etc. are of great importance in building your abs. Strength-training moves for the whole body can help lose fat faster than doing only abdominal exercises.

Core-focused exercises such as sit-ups are very good for abdominal fat loss. However, full-body work-out is more beneficial as it tones your core.

For instance, squats are good for quads; it also helps maintain ‘trunk’ which needs abdominal muscles to contract. Similarly, other exercises such as rows, lunges, and push-ups involve abdominal muscles in coordination with others.

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At-home Work-out to Help Strengthen and Tone Your Core

The current pandemic has affected our daily life very much. It has especially damaged mental and physical health. Gyms are closed and it is difficult to maintain physical fitness. A core work-out is given which you can perform at home.

Crawford advises doing each exercise for a specific number of times. Physical activity and fitness experts recommend a gradual increase in difficulty level. Adding more weight and increasing the number of repetitions is helpful.

Exercises at Home

Do rowing for three to five minutes without the foot straps (this helps the core fire up even more). You have to start slowly and keep the toes connected to the footplate.

If the rowing machine is not available, a treadmill or stationary bike can be used instead. Walking in a place is recommended if nothing of the above is available.

  • Do 15 to 20 reps of squats with the arm reaching up above your head.
  • Do 10 to 15 push-ups (count three when down, and one when up).
  • Side planks for each leg, 10 to 15 times for a few seconds. Also do knee drives (in side plank, bring knee to elbow and then lengthen).
  • Alternating straight-leg toe touches; repeat 10 to 15 times.
  • Do a hollow hold for 30 seconds.

Crawford says that if you perform these exercises three times a week, it will take about six to eight weeks to feel results. At first, you will feel stronger and will feel better. Then you will see progress in losing fat. At last, results will come out and belly fat will start to decrease.

Consistency is the key to success. Keep doing the exercise and increase the number of rounds with time. This helps a lot in regular exercise.

It seems very difficult at the start and most people are not able to reach the target. However, performance increases with time and it becomes easier and easier. When you feel the given target easy, increase the number of rounds and so on.

Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.