Maskne – The New Concerning Acne And It’s Causes


“Maskne” is the latest terminology for acne and it’s brought by covering your face with a mask. Dermatologists at Grand Strand Dermatology located in Myrtle Beach explain that they’ve observed it and have ways in which you can heal it.

How to avoid Maskne?

Grand Strand Dermatologist, Dr. Holly Glover and the other staff state they even experienced acne brought about by wearing a face mask themselves.

A nurse at Grand Strand Dermatology, Caroline Gleason had been proceeding with her daily facial routine and using her skin-care products just to ensure everything remains fine in these insane occasions.

Dr. Glover said she’s been seeing a bunch of patients in the course of recent months come in with various skin issues brought by the masks.

The main issue with the cover is the dampness that is rising underneath the mask and in view of that more acne shows up, progressively bacterial contaminations and yeast contaminations, Glover said.

Here are some ways to avoid this new concern.


1. Consider the sort of mask you wear.

No one but you can choose how you need to adjust the weight of the mask material with the degree of security it will give you. Dermatologists propose 100 percent cotton if you are considering to wear one.

As the temperature rises and you sweat more, you’ll have to keep the mask clean. This prevents your chances of getting Maskne.

2. Stick to a healthier skin routine.

A large number of us use skin products found, at any rate, so get your hands on a delicate non-cleanser facewash and a scent-free cream.

Fewer adaptations are preferred to be supplementary, according to Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, the executive of the dermatologist surgeon of Dell Medical School at the University of Texas, who likes drugstore brands like Eucerin and CeraVe.

Another purpose behind using fewer items: The mask will decrease bacteria conveyance to your skin.

But on account of items with acids or retinol, which can be bothering, decreased conveyance to the skin isn’t probably going to be something you’re thankful for.

3. Part ways with cosmetics (in any event briefly).

If you put on cosmetics for a video call, consider taking it off when you go out. Dr. Heath delicately warns patients who show up onscreen at online meetings wearing a full face of cosmetics. She explained that now is the opportunity to really handle it.

For the individuals who completely can’t get out of this natural tendency, she suggests using a colored lotion with sunscreen.

How to treat Maskne if you get it

Dermatologists suggest using benzoyl peroxide treatment just on the spots and beginning with a 2.5 or 5 percent focus, not 10 percent. She also suggests using retinol but only during the night.

If you have a dark or brown colored skin and it creates hyperpigmentation from the sudden acnes, Dr. Heath suggests an effective treatment with glycolic corrosive, which can treat both the flaws and the obscuring of the skin. Doctors warn that whatever creams or treatments that you use should be prescribed by a well-known dermatologist.

Dr. Gohara, who like Dr. Heath has practical experience in treating skins of different shades, reminds patients with hyperpigmentation to wear sunscreen even inside. Hydrocortisone can also be used but one will have to see a dermatologist for appropriate determination and treatment.

Taking care of your diet and stressing less is a cherry on top.

You could, as Dr. Bowe exhorts, stay away from oily food and welcome the coconut or macadamia nut milk. Even if the situation goes out of hands, take comfort that a mask can also conceal the issue.