E-Health Apps: The Low Cost Medical Monitors?


Health authorities in various countries are promoting healthy activities by using e-health apps.

E-Health Apps:

E-Health apps manage, store, and record medical information and history for people. Moreover, they motivate users to do healthy physical activities to avoid illnesses.

The average age of men worldwide is 69.8 years, 5 years less than that of women. There is some part of biology in women’s longer life, the rest is men’s behavior. One reason is that men usually don’t seek regular medical assistance. According to a survey, men prefer to clean the house rather than go to the doctor.

Most causes of death such as heart disease, liver failure, and accidents can be prevented. One of the most promising avenues to make a healthy lifestyle is e-health apps. Scientists are developing e-health programs that are free, accessible, and easy to use regardless of educational or economic backgrounds.


Don’t Change Much (DCM e-health) is one of many such websites in Canada. The program provides tips, exercises, and daily routine to live a healthy life. A Canadian research group tried to check for the efficiency of the app.

The researchers compared the health conditions of men who were using the app and those who were not. The 863 participants reported the usage of the app. They were divided into three groups; limited exposure, low exposure, and high exposure. 2000 people who were not using DCM provided a reference group.

The team questioned the participants about recent (in the last year) health changes and planned (in the next month) health changes. The participants were to choose from specific changes which included changes in eating habits, healthcare, losing weight, quitting smoking, and exercise.

Researchers analyzed the data to check whether there is any relation between the participants, the use of DCM e-health, and health data.

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Concluded results were very promising. They found that DCM e-health users had a better lifestyle and had healthy behavior. 75% DCM users were having more healthy meals than others; 70% were doing more exercise; 40% lessened their seating time and did more physical activity; 46% lost weight and 45% lessened alcohol consumption.

Study co-author Nick Black said in a press release that the app is particularly more useful during the COVID-19 lockdown period where movements and activities are restricted. Moreover, he believes that this will also be a good alternative for research guides in the future. Moreover, they are given the choice to use content freely utilize content that has relevance and uses for them, at any given time.


Since everyone can’t afford an expert medical monitor, there is a dire need for free or affordable monitoring alternatives. Mobile apps are the best way to give the service. These are free for the users and are profitable for the developer.

In addition, apps can be a full-time monitor and adviser. It can be a monitor, reminder, and counselor, all in one. Such apps are especially beneficial for areas where there are no or very few health experts to guide for healthy living.

It is very easy to use these apps and they are available everywhere. The biggest advantage of apps over human health counselors is that apps are free of cost and monitor full time.

The app developers are using psychological and physiological tricks to encourage users to do more and more exercise and show healthy behavior by small challenges and virtual awards.

These apps are very useful but are not a total alternative for medical experts. People will still need to get checked-up by medical experts regularly and seek assistance if feel any medical issues.

Adeena Tariq Lari
The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.