Study Suggests the Use of Micro Bubbles to Treat Cancer


Previous researches have found the use of ultrasound in the fight against cancer. It can be effective whether by allowing drugs to pass the blood-brain barrier, heating and damaging tissue in prostate cancer, or selectively destroying tumor cells while keeping healthy ones intact.

In addition, a new study has found a new way to fight against cancer. It is a microbubble that works as ‘targeted warhead’ and can damage the bulk of tumor cells.

Micro Bubbles For Cancer

Biomedical engineers performed the research at Israel’s Tel Aviv University (TAU). The bubbles are loaded with gas and behave like balloons when restrained to specific sound frequency.

TAU’s Dr. Tali Ilovitsh, who led the team said that they have used lower frequencies in comparison to the previous frequencies, and found microbubbles can considerably develop until they collapse destructively.

She further told that this discovery will prove to be a platform in the fight against cancer. It has supported the idea of injecting microbubbles into tumors direct.

The researchers further found that if the bubbles are injected directly, they produce useful results. They injected samples in models (using mice) and provided a low-frequency ultrasound – 250 kHz. The bubbles were blown and, excitingly, they removed a large number of cancerous cells.

According to Dr. Ilovitsh, the bubbles wiped about 80% of the cancerous cells. The specified treatment is reliable and cost-effective and is capable of destroying the majority of the tumor.

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She explained that targeted all tumor cells in the experiment so that cancer can’t spread further. For the experiment, they inoculated an immunotherapy gene adjacent to the microbubbles, in turn acting as a Trojan horse, and indicated the immune system to combat the cancer cell.

Bubble therapy

Another impressive thing about bubble therapy was that it opens the pores of the surviving cells. This allows immunotherapy gene cells to enter the cancer cell and kill them.

The author explained that the gene prompted the cells to create a substance that caused the immune system to combat the cancer cells.

She added that the mice under the experiment developed tumors on both sides of the body. However, they introduced the treatment on 1 side only. However, the immune system also attacked cancerous cells on the other side.


There is another hope about the treatment- ultrasound bubble treatment. That is the medicine of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A previous study showed that the treatment disrupts the blood-brain barriers temporarily. It helps the invasion of drugs used to tackle the disease.

The barrier of the blood-brain imposes restrictions on the penetration of medications. However, she explained that microbubbles may potentially allow the opening of the barrier temporarily. Hence, it leads to the enabling of the therapy of the specific area, with no intervention of any invasive surgery whatsoever.