Coronavirus Patients with chronic illness reported to be at a higher risk of death

China Daily via Reuters

According to a new U.S government report, Coronavirus patients with chronic illnesses are 12 times more prone to death than others who become infected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Monday which emphasizes on the risks posed by heart disease, diabetes and lung disorder. These are the top three health issues found among COVID-19 patients.

The Report

The report is established followed by 1.3 million laboratory confirmed Coronavirus cases reported to the agency from January 22 till the end days of May. However, details on health conditions was available for only 22 percent of the patients.

This highlights the following aspects:

⦁ 32 percent had diseases associated with heart
⦁ 30 percent were suffering from diabetes
⦁ 18 percent had persistent lung disease which includes emphysema and asthma

Around 20 percent patients with chronic sickness died as compared to nearly 2 percent who were healthy. Coronavirus patients with long term illness were also 6 times more likely to be hospitalized (46 percent versus 8 percent).

In a statement, Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and public health specialist at George Washington University said that people with chronic illness have greater chances of suffering from adverse effects of COVID-19. However, they also cannot refuse to take notice of the fact that the previously healthy people can also become ill. As a result, they may die too.

Ethnic Group

Race and ethnic group data was available for only 50 percent of the patients. However, according to the data:
⦁ 36 percent were White
⦁ 33 percent were Hispanic
⦁ 22 percent were Black
⦁ 4 percent were Asian
⦁ 1 percent were American Indian

Overall Result

According to the current data available, the percentage of patients in the hospital was fourteen. Five percent of the patients died. The patients who died at the age of eighty or more, half of them had a chronic disorder.

Additionally, the virus infected both men and women equally. But, the report suggests that men faced more severe complications, hence, had more terrible cases.

Over Aged People

As it is clear that children aged less than ten are less likely to get affected with the virus. None of them have died as a result of this infection. However, this is not the case with people over the age of eighty years. Among them, fifteen percent of the infected patients will die.

Furthermore, the death rate starts to rise for people over fifty years of age. The ones who are infected under fifty years of age have a death rate of about 0.2 to 0.4 percent. Whereas, the ones between fifty to fifty-nine years, the death rate among them is 1.3 percent.

Why Death Rate Is Higher Among Elderly People?

As you age, the chances of having chronic illnesses increases extensively. Moreover, the immune system becomes weak which makes them more exposed to infections of various types. So, this comes as a challenge to the body which results in more damage. Consequently, these people encounter severe inflammatory reaction which in return causes considerable damage in the body including failure of various organs.

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