COVID19: Face Masks Are Now Legally Essential in LaGrange County

The consistent safety measure, from PPE for health care workers to the general public, was face masks. Furthermore, recently the World Health Organization (WHO) approved a review that explained the effectiveness of face masks to protect from the coronavirus. Health Officials in LaGrange County, however, seemed to agree with the effectiveness of face masks.

The ongoing global pandemic has caused alarmed the population as governments begin taking drastic measures.  Due to the highly contagious virus, lockdowns were implemented in an attempt to distance people and stop the spread of the virus. Furthermore, the global lockdown gave rise to an economic crisis, which has become a huge concern for the governments and the general public.

Additional safety guidelines were also issued for safer social distancing. This was implemented from simple visits to supermarkets to strict SOPs for essential businesses that are uninterrupted during this lockdown. However, now as the lockdown is started to lift in several countries, more businesses are starting to reopen, leading to more strictness in the safety guidelines.

The coronavirus cases have seemed to be increasing in LaGrange County with a sharp rise recently. Therefore, it is now a legal requirement for residents of LaGrange County to wear face coverings when they are out of their respective houses, and exposed in public.

New regulations in LaGrange County

Health officials are concerned with the curve of the coronavirus cases and are using this as an attempt to try and flatten it. On Monday, the LaGrange County Health Department had reported the new changes regarding the face masks. The new regulations of when face masks are necessary to be worn, were as follows –

In indoor areas, which are accessible to the public. This included all public transportations such as transit, van, etc.
In outdoor areas, which are accessible to the public. This included areas where social distancing of 6 feet between people, was not maintained.
In indoor and outdoor areas that are NOT accessible to the public. This included areas with the presence of members outside of a household, where social distancing of 6 feet between people, was not maintained.

Rise in COVID-19 cases

The sharp rise that was recorded in the graph for the coronavirus cases was concerning. With the flooding of infected cases in health care facilities, with limited health care workers, raises a valid issue that the officials needed to focus on. Hence, the health department stepped in.
Starting from May 31, in a span of 2 weeks, the number of infected COVID-19 cases rose sharply. 84 total number of cases were recorded as of May 31. However, with an addition of 183 cases in 2 weeks, there were a total of 267 infected cases recorded on Saturday.

On Wednesday, 27 new infected cases were reported in those 24 hours. This was the highest number of recorded cases in one day. Recently, 19 infected cases were added to the figure on Saturday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently the source that people from the governments, researchers, to even the general public, is depending upon. Moreover, their studies have supported the use of facemasks as well.

However, the actual question that arises is how long will this pandemic continue? With the current generation adapting to the set of regulations and changes, no significant improvement could lead the next generation into thinking that our mouths are parts of our body that need to be hidden and saved from any exposure whatsoever.

Many people are coming forward to speak against the use of face masks globally, despite their medical benefits. Contradicting points have been brought up to end the regulations. However, the government doesn’t seem too keen on taking down regulations just yet.

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